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Twin Melody Love Is Not Possessive Nobody Belongs To Anybody

The twins with the most followers launch ‘I’m not yours’ with singer Víctor Pérez. Paula and Aitana Etxeberría , better known as Twin Melody , have become the most viral twins on social networks , not only for their videos , but also for their music , as with the song ‘I’m not yours’ , with which they want show that “love is not possessive, nor does anyone belong to anyone” .

” There cannot be a possession of another person no matter how much you love it, be it your partner , a friend or a brother, ” they tell Efe in an interview, in which they add that the song arose from the “need to create more material against toxic love ” . “Today there are hardly any songs with this theme, rather the opposite,” they insist.

They are aware of the repercussion they have and the impact of their messages on their followers , for that reason, they have chosen a song with a rhythm and careful lyrics. ‘I’m not yours’ (Sony Music) ,digital platforms , has the participation of the singer and also tiktoker Víctor Pérez . They confess that the collaboration arose through their respective representatives , but then they assure that deep down they wanted to do it: “And we are delighted with him.”

In 2018 Twin Melody debuted in the music industry with the release of their first album . Since then, and thanks to its evolution within music , they have not stopped thinking about releasing another one that, as they confess, is already “baking in the oven” and will be “much harder”. “We are already beginning to compose the songs.

It is slow because between the videos for social networks and studying the career (Teaching) we do not have much time for it,” they specify. Without yet the official name of this future album , possible collaborations or how many songs there will be , they are very clear about where the shots are going to go: “Frommore rhythmic songs to ballads that will make you cry “.

Aitana and Paula (Ordizia, 1997) started in the world of social networks when they were barely 15 years old, uploading videos to YouTube. “We were clear from the first moment that we wanted to succeed , but with the first videos, in which we barely had reproductions, we realized that it was not easy, but we continued fighting, ” they explain.

His intrusion on TikTok , with short videos doing dances and challenges typical of this social network, caused his views and followers to rise like foam . They currently have more than 16 million followers on this platform alone. “Now we are on three social networks , but we like TikTok very much, because it has content with a lot of humor, very creative and even informative, ” they allege.

The Etxeberría sisters don’t waste time and want to enhance their more artistic side in every possible way. In 2019 they published their first book , ‘ Moments soña2’ , where they tell what are their tricks and secrets to sweep so much in networks.

In addition, they have made their interpretive steps in fiction series such as ‘Pipo in da house’ or ‘Bia’ and are currently collaborators of ‘El Hormiguero’ , waiting to continue ” growing in the television sector .”

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