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160000 Empty Grade III Homes To Be Occupied Before 2021


The budget is 30 million euros and this year we hope to reach 100 units, but we intend to reach close to 1,000 by the end of the legislature. It is estimated that in Madrid there will be some 160000 empty homes

But we have detected about 10,000 flats with times that can be incorporated into this program, not counting those for tourist use. That does not mean that our goal is to reach 10,000 units, since we understand that not all owners want to give them to us, but we do want to get the maximum possible.

The idea of ​​the plan is that they give us in usufruct the use of that house for a minimum period of four years. That generates a tax that we discount. We manage the entire contract and guarantee them from the moment they give us the house that we are going to pay them a rent at market price, which will be set by an appraiser and that will be negotiated with the owner.

In addition, we provide the house with an alarm to avoid occupations and the City Council is also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the rented house, so we will deliver it to you in the same state in which it was transferred to us. These homes will be made available to a series of tenants who will sign up for a program and who will never use more than 30% of their income to pay rent. Further,

You have to meet two basic requirements: be registered in Madrid for a minimum of five years and have a gross income, depending on the number of members of the family unit, between 3 and 7.5 times the Iprem (between 32,200 and 88,200 euros) .

Then there are general conditions that increase the bonus such as being under 35 or over 65, having a disability equal to or greater than 33%, having a dependency of grade II or III; have economically dependent children under 25 years of age.

Have economically dependent children if you have a degree of disability; or be separated or divorced. The bonus increases much more if the applicant also meets specific requirements, such as being a large or single parent family; have a disability equal to or greater than 65%; have a grade III dependency,

That gross salary refers to families of six members. There are large families that are going to have this problem and they can be helped, but obviously that is going to be something almost anecdotal or testimonial.

To say that this plan is for people who charge 80,000 euros is not real and is to take the program to the cartoon. 90% of the aid will go to people who charge between three and four times the Iprem.

The same happens with the maximum bonus of 900 euros, which would be given in the case of a large family that also met a series of quite a few requirements and the truth is that in practice it is not easy for this situation to occur.

They have set a limit whereby an owner cannot assign more than five empty homes to the EMVS within this plan, that would exclude funds, banks and entities such as Sareb …

It is an amendment proposed by the left. Our objective in the Reviva Program is the small homeowners, that is, those who own less than ten properties, who have difficulties getting their homes on the market.

It is not a plan to help the Sareb, the funds, or the banks. They have the capacity to put their properties up for rent, you don’t have to help them. Nor do we apply limitations in the case of tourist homes.

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