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60 Covid Patients Die When Oxygen Cylinders Explode In Baghdad Hospital

60 covid patients die when oxygen cylinders explode in Baghdad hospital.

The deflagration unleashed a large fire in the medical facilities and it is being investigated whether it was caused by an electrical short circuit.

At least 60 patients died early this Sunday in an explosion caused by the explosion of oxygen cylinders at the Al Jatib hospital in southeast Baghdad , intended for coronavirus patients, a source from the Iraqi Interior Ministry informed Efe.

A source in the Iraqi Interior Ministry said on condition of anonymity that at least 24 people were killed in the explosion and indicated that the causes of deaths were “due to suffocation”, after the deflagration caused a large fire in the medical facilities. He noted that the number of deaths could increase in the next few hours.

According to the source, the explosion was caused by the explosion of oxygen cylinders inside the Al Jatib hospital, in southeastern Baghdad, a medical facility with a capacity of 120 beds that has been used exclusively for coronavirus patients.

For its part, the Iraqi state news agency INA said that, according to the first investigations, the fire could have been caused by a short circuit or by the explosion of oxygen cylinders in poor condition.

More than 20 firefighting teams managed to put out the flames of this “massive fire”, in the words of the Iraqi Civil Defense, which reported in a statement that they managed to rescue about 90 patients during the evacuation of the center.

The note adds that dozens of neighbors came to help the patients, most of whom were elderly and people who were connected to respirators. These incidents in Iraq are rare , despite the poor state of the medical infrastructure in a rebuilding country after decades of conflict that have seriously affected public services.

In this regard, the Iraqi public commission for Human Rights has asked the Government to take responsibility for this incident and has demanded the resignation of the Minister of Health, while recalling the deficiencies of the Iraqi health system, especially in the midst of a situation as exceptional as the pandemic.

For his part, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al Kazemi has ordered an “immediate investigation” into the explosion, according to a statement from his office.

Iraq is one of the Arab countries in the Middle East that has registered the most infections so far, more than 1.18 million, according to the World Health Organization, while the death toll rises to more than 15,000.

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