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About 330,000 Freelancers Receive Direct Help From The Generalitat

The Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat has finally allocated 468.35 million euros to the aid plan for the first quarter of 2021 for self-employed professionals economically affected by covid-19 and for working people with low incomes included in a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) or with a permanent-discontinuous contract.

The beneficiaries are a total of 329,188 people and the Government plans to make the payment of the aid effective before next March 31.

The registration for applicants for these grants was closed last February and both benefits have been worked on, respectively, with social agents at the Consell Català del Treball Autònom and at the Consell del Diàleg Social de Catalunya.

In the presentation of the results of the aid, the counselor of Treball, Afers Socials i Famílies, Chakir el Homrani, wanted to underline that “the aid to people in ERTE is the most important of complementarity that has been given to workers in this situation in Spain”.

“It is a bet to be able to reach the maximum number of people who are in a situation of vulnerability linked to the economic, social and labor crisis derived from the health crisis of covid-19,” the counselor stressed.

Self-employment aid
A total of 187,392 self- employed persons will receive the aid of 2,000 euros in this first quarter. The Department will finally allocate 374.78 million euros to the current call for the maintenance of the activity of the self-employed people affected by the economic consequences of the covid-19. This represents 94.78 million euros more than originally planned.

In Catalonia there are currently 327,771 self-employed workers-individuals , for which 57.17% of the total have requested and will receive the benefit.

This is the fourth extraordinary help that the Departament de Treball, Afers Socials i Famílies grants to autonomous people to face the consequences of covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. In all four calls , the Government has responded to about 340,000 requests and has allocated more than 666 million euros.

Aid for workers in ERTE and with a permanent-discontinuous contract
It is an extraordinary aid with a single payment in order to complement the loss of purchasing power of people with less income affected by an ERTE as a result of the total or partial suspension of their employment contracts , derived from preventive measures and of containment adopted to alleviate the covid-19.

The aid is also aimed at people with a fixed-discontinuous contract receiving extraordinary benefits . After the initial announcement, the Government decided to extend the benefit to these workers because they are a group also very affected by the crisis since, usually, they are engaged in seasonal activities and the service sector , such as waiters, monitors of skiing or lifeguards, among other examples.

A total of 141,796 people will receive this aid , of which 134,494 are included in an ERTE and 7,302 have a permanent-discontinuous contract.

The proposal for the amount that has been agreed upon at the Consell del Diàleg Social de Catalunya is for a single payment of between 600 and 900 euros , depending on the time that the worker has been at ERTE. In this sense, four sections have been established:

Up to three months in ERTE: 600 euros
Between four and five months in ERTE: 700 euros
Between six and seven months in ERTE: 800 euros
Between eight and ten months in ERTE: 900 euros

In total, the Department will allocate 93.57 million euros to this aid . According to data from the Ministry of Labor, the month of February ended in Catalonia with 190,902 workers in an active ERTE . Therefore, 70.45% of the people who are in this situation will receive this direct aid promoted by the Catalan Government, in addition to 7,302 fixed-discontinuous ones.

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