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Adam Nourou Is The First Black Actor To Win Goya

Salvador Calvo, winner of the Goya for best director for ” Adú “, has been “very happy” that one of the protagonists of his film Adam Nourou has become the first black actor to get a Goya, since “it opens many roads to all “.

Nourou was the only protagonist of legal age who could win it, since the rules of the Academy prevent minors from competing, such as his partner Moustapha Oumarou (Adú), so Calvo has stated that Goya for Best New Actor also recognizes the work of the smallest kids.

Nourou, 18, is the first black actor to win the Goya , although Santiago Zannou, a director of Guinean origin, achieved it for “El truco del manco” (2008), like his brother Woulfrank Zannou, for the original music. of that tape.

This story about immigration, which the public has massively supported in theaters – it was released before the pandemic – has also won the awards for best sound and production direction.

Great protagonism of the filmmakers
The Goya of 2021 , as the president of the Film Academy, Mariano Barroso, has pointed out in his speech during the gala, has had 41 percent of nominations for women and for the first time they were equal in the category for best director, a circumstance that has been reflected in the winners.

Regardless of the female awards – best leading actress, supporting actress or revelation actress – the categories in which women have won alone or collectively in many of them have gained importance in the gala that has been held at the Theater Soho CaixaBank de Málaga. And four have been the women who have filled the theater with their voices: Nathy Peluso, Vanesa Martín, Aitana and Diana Navarro .

For the first time a technical category such as the award for best photography has gone to the hands of a woman, the Bolivian Daniela Cajías , for her work in “Girls”. Before filming in Spain Cajías had participated in films from Bolivia, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Spain. Precisely, the director of that film shot in Zaragoza, Pilar Palomero , has taken home the award for the best new director.

But they have not been the only ones, the singer Rozalén received in her studio the news of being the winner in the category for best original song for “Que no, que no”, for “Rosa’s wedding”, an award that before that the ceremony will begin, Alejandro Sanz, also nominated, pointed out that it was fair that the Albacete singer stood up with him.

Aránzazu Calleja and Maite Arroitajauregi have been the winners for the best original music for “Akelarre”, an award that they have celebrated with one of the songs from the film a cappella.

The first prize of the night, the one for the best wardrobe, went to Nerea Torrijos for her work in “Akelarre”, a section for which four women chose.

Also for “Akelarre” has been the Goya for best special effects by Ana Rubio and Mariano García Marty .

The best production direction went to Ana Parra and Luis Fernández Lago for “Adu”, while the best adapted script went to Marina Parés Pulido and David Pérez Sañudo .

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