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At Least Three Killed In Attack On Iranian Tanker Near Syria

The news agency of the Damascus regime assures that it was a drone that carried out the armed action.

At least three people have died this Saturday in the attack on an Iranian oil freighter, which caused a fire already under control on the ship. The ship is near the coastal city of Banias in northwestern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

The Syrian state news agency SANA has claimed that the attack was carried out by “a drone launched from Lebanese regional waters . ” The Observatory, for its part, has ruled out that the fire was caused by “a technical failure” and has also questioned that the attack was perpetrated by a drone (unmanned aircraft) launched from Lebanon.

Successive incidents
This unusual incident comes two days after Israel bombed targets in neighboring Syria in response to the firing of a missile that landed near Israel ‘s Dimona nuclear plant . The Tel Avid government considers that the presence in Syria of forces from Iran or its arch-enemy, as well as militiamen from its Lebanese rival, Hezbollah, represents a threat to its security.

This also happens in a context of successive incidents between Israel and Iran and a crossroads of accusations of attacks or sabotage after registering a series of explosions on freighters from both countries . The latest event occurred last week, when Iran blamed Israel for sabotage at its Natanz nuclear plant, amid negotiations to recover the 2015 nuclear deal signed by the 5 + 1 Group with Tehran, which Israel opposes for full.

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