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Atleast Eight Vessels Arrive At BCN Every Week From Suez

Alert in world trade for the accident in the Suez Canal . The port of Barcelona has confirmed this Friday that at least eight ships arrive weekly from Asia and pass through Suez. Crisis cabinets have been launched both in ports and in companies dependent on Asian supplies.

According to sources from the Port of Barcelona, the blockade of the Suez Canal directly affects the maritime connectionwith Asia, Japan, the Persian Gulf, the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan and Southeast Asia, with ships taking between 25 and 35 days.

The alternative route, which most shipping companies have not yet taken, involves circling Africa through the Cape of Good Hope, which adds around 10 or 12 days more to the freight with Barcelona, ​​for example. Some sources suggest that the change of route also implies an average of half a million euros of added costs per ship.

Suez Canal Blockade Threatens International Trade
Sources from the Cartagena port authority acknowledged this Friday that the Suez Canal accident “breaks the logistics chain” and will increase costs. Sources in the port of Valencia warned that if the situation continues for 15 days it will be a “disaster”, especially in the supply of crude from the Middle East.

The logistics tension already breathe worldwide. It is estimated that 12% of the world’s freight traffic passes through Suez, about 50 ships a day.

The latest information from the area indicates that at least eight tugs are working to refloat the ‘Ever Given ‘. The objective is to lighten the weight of the ship in the hope of taking advantage of a relevant rise in tide expected for next weekend.

The fuel tanks have been partially emptied, the water ballast has been reduced and the load is being relocated to facilitate the unlocking of the bow bulb, embedded in the sandy bank of the canal.

The firm Lloyd’s List estimates that the blockade of the Suez road prevents the daily transit of goods valued at around 9,700 million dollars (8,231 million euros), which is equivalent to about 343 million euros per hour, according to estimates of the signature.

It is still unknown who will bear the costs, but insurers are beginning to assess the damage. The daily transit of goods through this seaway is estimated at about 5,100 million dollars (4,326 million euros) in the west direction and in 4,600 million dollars (3,905 million euros) towards the east.

Suez closure places Las Palmas on the alternative route to Europe
The ‘Ever Given’ freighter, chartered by the Taiwanese company Evergreen Line and one of the largest container transport vessels in the world, measuring 400 meters long and 59 meters wide, 16 meters deep and carrying 224,000 tons of cargo in its route from China to the Dutch port of Rotterdam when last Tuesday it heeled and was stranded in the canal as a result of poor visibility and wind conditions in the area.

Egypt will have to dredge 20,000 cubic meters of sand to free the ship from the Suez Canal
Maersk shipping sourcesin Denmark acknowledged to EL PERIÓDICO that “while efforts continue to dislodge the Evergreen ship from the Suez Canal, about two hundred ships are trapped in traffic in both directions of this global commercial artery. So far, nine Maersk container ships and two associated vessels are anchored in the area waiting for the passage to reopen. “

The company Leth Agencies, which offers logistics services in various channels and straits of the world, estimated the number of ships that are currently stopped at 237, in the northern access of the canal (in the Mediterranean Sea) and in the southern access (in the Red Sea) , reported EFE. Most of the vessels, 107, are in the Suez area,as you can see in satellite images .

The Japanese company that owns the Panamanian flag ship Ever Given, Shoei Kisen, affirmed that it aspires to unblock it this Saturday in collaboration with local authorities. Shoei Kisen Chairman Yukito Higaki said “additional dredging machinery” is being used with the aim of freeing the ship “by Saturday night.”

A company spokeswoman confirmed to Efe that Shoei Kisen is insured as the owner of the container ship, given the possible lawsuits that it could face due to the interruptions in maritime transport caused by the incident that has kept the canal blocked since last Tuesday. The Ever Given is leased by Shoei Kisen to the Taiwanese company Evergreen, responsible for its business operations.

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