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Black Mamba Will Be Representatives Of Portugal In Eurovision 2021

The Black Mamba will be the representatives of Portugal in Eurovision 2021.

The band will carry the Portuguese flag to the Rotterdam stage after winning the legendary ‘Festival da Cançao’.

Portugal has already decided who will be its representative in the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The Black Mamba will carry the Portuguese flag on the Rotterdam stage after winning the grand finale of the ‘ Festival da Cançao ‘ , the famous preselection organized by Portuguese public television, with ‘Love Is On My Side’ (Love Is On My Side is on my side), a song that will be performed entirely in English for the first time in its history.

The Black Mamba will compete in the EBU super musical production after convincing the regional juries and the Portuguese audience on a very even night. In fact, the group tied for the first position in the general classification with Carolina Deslandes, finally taking the victory after they were voted more by viewers of the gala than the artist.

In this way and after ruling out the re-election of Elisa, who was to be her representative in 2020, Portugal will seek to qualify again in a Eurovision Song Contest final after three years without being in it. Before the cancellation of the last edition due to the pandemic, in Tel Aviv 2019, Conan Osíris was more than 70 points away from achieving the pass to the gala on Saturday with the theme ‘ Telemóveis ‘ (Mobile phones).

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