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Brutal New Trailer For ‘The Batman’ With Robert Pattinson

Last year, during the corresponding DC FanDome, we finally got to see Robert Pattinson’s Batman in motion . The published trailer showed us a dark Gotham in tune with a vigilante who was presented to us as “Revenge”, and reached the public in parallel to the last weeks of filming The Batman .

The production of this Matt Reeves film has not been easy, and the problems caused by COVID-19 (in combination with an alleged conflict between Pattinson and the director) ended up leading to The Batman delaying its premiere on October 5, 2021 until March 4, 2022. By the time it arrives, almost an exact decade will have passed from the previous solo Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises .

In any case, the months go by and the date is approaching, so a new trailer could not be missing at this year’s DC FanDome. This advance comes with the film 100% finished and therefore allows us to take a much more exhaustive look at the plot and, above all, at its setting.

The Gotham that Reeves’ team has devised (and that we will see again soon in the series dedicated to the city police department and Colin Farrell’s Penguin ) is the absolute protagonist of these last images, setting several spectacular fragments of scenes from action and drama sustained by Bruce Wayne and the Catwoman played by Zoë Kravitz . On the other hand, the advance seems to confirm that it will be Enigma, played by Paul Dano, the main villain to beat.

Throughout it we can also see Andy Serkis’s Alfred Pennyworth and Jeffrey Wright’s Commissioner Gordon , swelling the cast of a film that is implanting a thunderous hype in the fans, and that has eclipsed the rest of the news without much problem. I had the DC FanDome. You can see the trailer in Spanish on these lines, as well as, below, a trailer behind the cameras, where you can access more images of the film.

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