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Casado Considers That The Government Has Misled With Its Forecasts

Casado considers that the Government has misled with its forecasts. The leader of the PP affirms that the Budgets are now “dead paper”.

The leader of the PP , Pablo Casado , has accused the Government of “cheating” after having lowered its growth forecast for this year to 6.5% , so the budgets are “dead paper” , and has wondered if anyone is going to give explanations of how to square this and if they are going to assume responsibilities.

During his speech in the provincial council of mayors and spokespersons for the PP of Granada together with the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno, he pointed out that the government’s forecasts, which assume that the economy will grow three points less than what was said, are “a disaster “, but the most serious thing is that” they have deceived us and have made the budgets are two months absolutely out of date. “

“The true burden of the Spanish budget, which are pensions, the salary of civil servants and unemployment benefits, is out of square,” he has influenced after recriminating the Second Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño , who has offered the forecast of growth “as always, a Friday, to see if it sneaks” and it has less repercussion.

Married, for whom in this situation the budgets are “dead paper”, he has reproached the Government that despite the economic “catastrophe” that Spain is experiencing, what he proposes is to raise taxes on the self-employed and the middle classes and suffocate the public administrations, alluding to the fact that he wants mayors to use “practically none of the European funds”.

That will lead to a second rebellion of mayors, said the PP leader, whose proposal is that they can use around 14% of the funds. He has warned of notices from institutions such as the IMF , which has said that next year Spain will be the country in the world with the most unemployment, “only behind Venezuela”; the OECD, which has pointed out that it will be the developed country that recovers the worst from the virus, or the Bank of Spain, which places in 2027 the moment when Spain will be able to recover the level of employment it had before the pandemic.

Casado has advocated not decoupling health protection from economic recovery. Because “when the economy goes well, we will have better benefits, but if the economy goes bad, with incompetent managers at the head of institutions like the Government, it will end up drowning.”

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