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CGPJ President Is Forced To Debate Appointment Of Eight Judicial Positions

The president of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) and the Supreme Court, Carlos Lesmes, has been forced to include in the agenda of the Plenary session this Thursday the eight appointments of judicial positions that he decided to paralyze, given the possibility of a Imminent agreement between the Government and the PP to renew the governing body of the judges, after eight members requested their debate in writing on Tuesday.

The Regulations for the Organization and Functioning of the General Council of the Judiciary state in its article 18.5 that the members of the governing body of judges have the right to formulate written proposals and to include them on the agenda of Council meetings.

For this reason, Lesmes has finally agreed to bring the appointments to the Plenary session this Thursday, which does not mean a “rectification”, but does so in response to said article of the Regulation , sources from the governing body of the judges have reported.

Lesmes decided not to put the pending appointments on the agenda of the next plenary session, including three vacancies in the Supreme Court, given the possibility that the Government and the PP reach an imminent agreement to renew the governing body of the judges.

Thus, according to the sources consulted, in coherence with the two previous occasions in which it seemed that the negotiations to renew the members were going to go ahead, in January and July of last year, the president of the CGPJ chose not to include in the agenda this point.

However, eight members belonging to both the conservative and progressive bloc disagree with this position, which is why they presented a letter this Tuesday afternoon formally requesting that the eight pending appointments , whose qualification has already been made by the Permanent Commission, be taken to the Plenary for discussion.

To do this, they invoked Article 35 of the Regulations for the Organization and Functioning of the General Council of the Judiciary establishes that if at least five members request the discussion of a matter, the president must summon the Plenary in the three days following the presentation of the request , and include the proposed topic on the agenda.

The eight members who make this proposal belong to both the progressive and conservative bloc. They are José María Macías, Vicente Guilarte, José Antonio Ballestero, María Ángeles Carmona, Gerardo Martínez-Tristán, Roser Bach, Enrique Lucas and María Victoria Cinto.

This group of members consider that the decision to debate or not the eight pending appointments is made by the Plenary and not only by the president . “The power to appoint or not to appoint is held by the Plenary”, they emphasize.

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