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China Censors Chloé Zhao Historic Oscar Success

China censors Chloé Zhao’s historic Oscar success. Publications about the director of ‘Nomadland’ disappear from social networks. The regime’s media is silent.

The Beijing-born filmmaker Chloé Zhao won the Oscar for best film and best director for ‘Nomadland’ this Sunday , but her success has ‘disappeared’ this Monday from Chinese social networks .

Zhao is the first Asian and second woman to win a Hollywood statuette as a director for her drama about the underprivileged who drive around America in pickup trucks. ‘Nomadland’ has also won the best actress award for Frances McDormand .

However, all recent posts containing either Zhao’s name or ‘Nomadland’ have mysteriously disappeared from the Weibo social network , the Chinese Twitter, at noon on Monday. The media Chinese also keep silent about the victory of the filmmaker.

Initially hailed by state media for the success of her film, Zhao became the target of attacks by Chinese nationalists on social media, who unearthed interviews of her in which she appears to criticize her native country. Chinese cinemas also withdrew the premiere of his film.

Chloé Zhao seemed to allude to those difficulties in her Oscar acceptance speech: “I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to move on when the going gets tough.”

Pride in the street
Before the posts were removed, Weibo had been filled with posts praising Zhao, while others denounced the censorship.

But despite Beijing’s censorship efforts, on the streets of the Chinese capital it was easy to find pride that an Asian female director reached the top of American cinema. “She is the pride of the Chinese people (…) It is very rare for a Chinese to obtain an Oscar award,” Yan Ying, an engineer, told the AFP agency on Monday.

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