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Christopher Nolan’s New Cillian Murphy Will Arrive In 2023

Christopher Nolan’s divorce from Warner Bros. has not only been highly popular, but the entire industry has slowly witnessed its development and how it channeled the conflicts of the new pandemic Hollywood.

Nolan had been working with the major since 2002 (when Insomnia premiered ), and in 2020 Tenet starred in a series of conflicts marked by the postponement of the premiere and disappointing numbers at the box office, although that never became as serious as the subsequent decisions of Warner: its hybrid model with HBO Max, inaugurated in December, caused great anger on the part of the signatory of Origin around the mistreatment of filmmakers, and decided to go to another studio to sponsor his new film.

Universal has been chosen, and the film has already been finalized to the point of having received a release date. Its title is Oppenheimer and it will hit theaters on July 21, 2023 , having privileges for its exhibition that no other Universal works have and that came with a most substantial agreement, a product of Nolan’s enormous reputation in the current panorama.

Under this agreement, Oppenheimer will not compete with other major productions and will have an exclusive window in theaters of between 90 and 120 days : not only the longest of a Universal production since the pandemic began (reduced from 17 to 31 days), but longer than the standard 90.

Christopher Nolan
Donna Langley , president of Universal, has already dropped that Nolan’s case is exceptional and that the usual as the situation gradually normalizes will be that the presence of his films in theaters is maintained between 30 and 45 days.

The executive has not detailed what role Peacock, Universal’s newly minted streaming platform , will play in this strategy, and it is likely that they have not even told Nolan about its existence yet (especially once the director, in full scuffle with Warner, he publicly called HBO Max “the worst streaming service ” ). What has transpired is that Oppenheimer It will have a budget of 100 million dollars, and it will bring together several familiar figures from Nolan’s cinema.

Thus, based on a script by the filmmaker himself, Oppenheimer will be produced as usual by Emma Thomas , while the soundtrack will be provided by Ludwig Göransson ( Tenet composer who succeeded Hans Zimmer and seems to have won the award. Nolan’s trust) and the direction of photography will be signed by Hoyte Van Hoytema (present in Dunkerque , Interstellar and the aforementioned Tenet ). Of the cast we only know the main actor, who is none other than Cillian Murphy : a regular collaborator of the director whom we have seen in Dunkirk, Originand The Dark Knight Trilogy .

But what is the movie about?
Murphy will play J. Robert Oppenheimer , nicknamed the father of the atomic bomb. Oppenheimer , in this way, is advertised as a biographical drama directly inspired by the book The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer , written by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin .

The film will describe both the development of the Manhattan Project where Oppenheimer was involved (and which led to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and the years after when the scientist, visibly repentant, wanted to control the use of nuclear energy.

Oppenheimer marks the return of Nolan to World War II after Dunkirk , but the connections with his filmography and creative interests go further: the British director has long wanted to take over a biopic (he was about to portray the life of Howard Hughes at the time, but Martin Scorsese was ahead of him with The Aviator ), and we must not forget that Oppenheimer’s name was cited in Tenet , as that scientist who had come up with a find that could destroy humanity. The film is expected to begin shooting in IMAX format in 2022. , and Langley has already publicly shown his enthusiasm for the project.

“The Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas films have broken the limits of what cinematic storytelling can accomplish. We are delighted to be working with them on this extraordinary project, and we are grateful for their shared passion and commitment to the theatrical experience, ”he declares, with evident satisfaction at having managed to put one of today’s most influential filmmakers on the payroll.

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