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  • Scientific-Based Emissions Reduction Plan Benchmarked Against United Nation’s Ongoing COP26 Climate Change Summit’s Latest Targets of 1.5o C Temperature Rise Limit for Countries
  • Desay SV Joins Worldwide Mobility Industry In Carbon Neutral Planning with the Engagement of TÜV Rheinland, To Attain ISO 14064-Compliant Carbon Footprint Certification by 2023

Desay SV announces its commitment to carbon neutrality and reducing environmental impact through a scientific-based emission reduction plan that is benchmarked against the latest temperature rise targets for countries.  Still under discussions at this point, United Nations’ COP 26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow has drafted an agreement for countries to pursue a temperature rise target of 1.5o C instead of the earlier 2o C set in the Paris Summit 6 years ago.

In support of this initiative, Desay SV’s CEO, Gao Dapeng, has announced the company’s commitment to being carbon neutral by 2023.  This was made at the unveiling ceremony of its new green plant at the Huinan Intelligent Networking Industrial Park on 10 November.  Desay SV will be working with consulting and certification company TÜV Rheinland, to implement a scientific-based emissions plan to carbon neutrality throughout all of Desay SV’s facilities and operations.

EFFORTS TOWARDS SUSTAINABILITY – A PIONEER IN THE MOBILITY SPACE As early as 2012, Desay SV has progressively implemented systematic energy saving initiatives such as introducing the use of the latest air-conditioning inverter technologies and lighting systems that increased energy efficiency by as much as 20% for the company.  Desay SV even set up an energy-saving management team which promotes Earth Hour and established standardized energy-saving and emission reduction habits

company-wide.  To date, Desay SV has saved approximately 8.62 million kWh of electricity – the equivalent of saving 3,448,000 kg of standard carbon and 186,000 trees.

Its latest Huinan Intelligent Industrial Park plant boasts an artificial-intelligence (AI) driven energy management system which assess abnormal energy usage and self-corrects the outage in real time and a solar power system that accounts for up to 10% of total energy used by the plant.  It also has an advanced rain and sewage diversion system and water cold storage system that helps conserve water, reduce waste and regenerate energy.

The transportation and mobility sector contributes to about 14% of total global carbon dioxide emissions globally.   As an industry leader, Desay SV recognizes its contributions and impact of each of its actions to create and maintain a sustainable, healthy global living environment.  Says Mr Tan Choon Lim, Chairman of Desay SV, “Desay SV’s efforts may be just a drop in the ocean compared to the environmental problems worldwide. However, it is a culmination of attention towards addressing these problems, which aims to bring about a better world.”

Desay SV believes that active and daily practice of corporate social responsibility towards environmental protection driven by “Creative Leadership, Smart Action” will continue to carry forward the spirit of pioneering innovation and responsible initiatives for a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and sustainable future, “Beyond Mobility”.


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