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Double Investigation Into The Death Of Halyna Hutchins On The Set Of Alec Baldwin

The investigation to clarify the facts of the fatal accident that last week killed the director of photography Halyna Hutchins in the filming of Rust is being developed in two parallel ways.

On the one hand, the sheriff’s department of Santa Fe County (New Mexico, USA), where the filming of this western took place, plans to hold a press conference today in which it will communicate the news about its investigation of the case.

The Bonanza Creek Ranch
The pistol that killed Halyna Hutchins was used that same day to shoot cans.
On the other hand, the film’s producers have hired the Jenner & Block law firm to carry out their own investigation of what happened, which will take over from the internal investigation that was launched after the tragic accident in which Alec Baldwin, protagonist and producer of Rust, fatally fired a pistol that should have been unloaded.

“In addition to providing all our cooperation to the authorities, we have hired a team from Jenner & Block to investigate the events. We have stressed that they maintain absolute discretion regarding the people they speak to and the conclusions they report,” they have communicated producers to members of the film’s technical and artistic team. “It is possible that during the next week they will get in touch with some of you.”

Far from conclusions
Despite the fact that the Santa Fe police concluded their search of the film set a couple of days ago and OSHA (Department of Labor agency for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has also begun questioning the team members, sources close to this investigation consider that they are still far from drawing conclusions.

A representative of the sheriff’s department has said in Deadline that more search warrants could be requested and, in any case, the investigation “is going to drag on for a while.”

This same week, the district attorney declared in the New York Times that all possibilities are being contemplated. “Right now everything is on the table, including criminal charges,” he says, recalling that the investigation could last several weeks.

Two key names are attracting the attention of the investigators: the assistant director who handed the gun to Alec Baldwin and should have checked that it was empty, and the armourer in charge of handling the props pistols, who could play a trick on his lack of experience.

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