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Enrique Iglesias Clarifies If He Will Leave Music Definitively

Enrique Iglesias clarifies if he will leave music definitively. The artist will continue with his musical career and will only renounce the publication of records in the traditional format. The traumatic summer vacation of a family: “We found the sheets full of feces and used underwear . “

Singer Enrique Iglesias has had to make his plans for the future clear after it was rumored that he was going to leave music, as a result of his intention to publish his last album in 2022.

“In 2016 I always had the idea of ​​releasing this album and Final Vol. 2 will come out in 2022. That will be the last with ten or twelve songs, ” he announced this Thursday in El Hormiguero, something he was kissing as a farewell.

But it is one more question of the disc format itself, in decline due to the rise of digital reproductions. ” I am not going to retire, ” he clarified.

And it is that the singer has taken seven years to publish new material, since Sex and Love went on sale , as it has now been when he has released the album called FINAL Vol . 1. FINAL Vol. 2 would arrive next year, as we say.

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