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ERC Advances In Its Pact With Junts

With great secrecy, surrounded by questions on key issues and without the smell of the containers burned in the latest street protests dissipating . But even so, negotiations are progressing to form a new government in Catalonia .

Everything is going slower than its main protagonist, the republican Pere Aragonès , had proposed. But it goes. And Esquerra considers it feasible to have a global agreement before next Friday that allows the constitution of an independence table in the Parliament and a Government that will be operational in April.

The negotiation has accelerated the last two days between Esquerra and Junts after clearing the main obstacles with the CUP. And all this under the concerned gaze of business and constitutionalism.

Next Friday the Parliament resulting from the February 14 elections is constituted, which the PSC won in number of votes but tied in seats (33) with Esquerra Republicana. Despite the repeated will of the socialist candidate, Salvador Illa, to try to be invested, the socialists lack sufficient support for the sanitary cordon that the entire independence movement has created around them.

Hence, ERC is negotiating separately with the anti-capitalists of the CUP and with the post-convergents of Junts per Catalunya the reissue of a pro-independence government. The negotiation has advanced especially fast —and in a more public way— with the CUP , but in the last three days the dialogue with the Junts has accelerated, according to sources familiar with the meetings.

Aragonès urges to form a Government in Catalonia to address social unrest and the public order model

The full constitution of the Parliament will be next Friday
The change has come especially since last Thursday the ERC candidate, Pere Aragonès, presented his government proposal at a conference and after the CUP was willing to get more involved in the governance bodies to the point of running for president the Parliament despite having only nine of the 135 seats.

Junts has reacted by trying not to be left behind in a negotiation that, if it goes well, will report approximately half of the positions of the Government and hopes that it will also be the presidency of the Catalan chamber.

Until this week, the negotiation between Junts and ERC had barely advanced for various reasons. The first is that those of Carles Puigdemont and Laura Borràs focused practically the entire negotiation agenda on resuming the independence pulse from the institutions, something that ERC wants to let cool a bit while waiting to see another window of opportunity to try for independence. While Junts continues to speak of “completing the mandate of October 1,” Esquerra, as Pere Aragonès said this Saturday, limits himself to speaking of “advancing” towards self-determination.

Without abandoning this speech, Junts now seems to show signs of wanting to land a government agreement under pressure in part by the dozens of institutional positions eager not only to continue in office but also to show that in Junts there is still something of the real politics.convergent.

However, there is still a remnant of leaders who do not rule out the possibility of forcing new elections that, they believe, could return their leadership within the independence sector. In this segment are, with adhesions of different degrees, Carles Puigdemont himself, the candidate Laura Borràs, or the number three of the candidacy, Joan Canadell.

The latter, until a few weeks ago president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, ruled out on Saturday joining a government focused on Aragonès’ “vision of the country”. “If this is accepted by Junts, I will discard myself to be in the Government,” he said in a tweet very cheered by the most staunch independence movement and that reassured more than one ERC leader, who was not in favor of incorporating “tough” profiles such as him. of Canadell.

What ERC is trying is a complicated triangulation that arouses few passions within the independence movement and a visible mistrust outside it. It intends to lock a government with independentists, with the external support of the CUP and the commons if possible, that advances the idea of ​​independence without specifying dates or setting short-term objectives beyond claiming “amnesty” for the convicted for the process .

The purest secessionists consider it a too soft bet after 10 years promising express independence, while the constitutionalists and a large part of the business community consider it a dangerous drift that will slow down the economic recovery after the pandemic and prevent the wounds of the procés from being sutured .

Unilateral route without date
For ERC, however, the one it proposes is the only realistic government, in the sense that it will not opt ​​again for the unilateral independence path nor will it reject it entirely. He will simply park it without a date, waiting for better times.

Aware that they can hardly convince the CUP with this program, ERC has turned to offering counterparts to the anti-capitalists, especially in the heat of the riots in recent weeks in Catalonia due to the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél.

Knowing that the CUP blames the actions, according to them exaggerated, of the Mossos d’Esquadra, ERC has opened up to reformulate in the Parliament the model of public security in Catalonia. The CUP, and not a few sectors of Catalan society, have interpreted it as disavowing the police. ERC however,

The anti-capitalists of the CUP are already consulting their bases this Saturday to find out their feelings about the negotiation. The first obstacle will be the vote that next Friday will make up the Parliamentary table. If there is an independence agreement, the PSC’s scant expectations to take over the presidency as the most voted party will end.

And he will have to wait to see if a “durable” government emerges as Aragonès requested on Saturday, or if halfway through the legislature there will be possibilities to reformulate majorities or even force early elections. For the moment, the Socialists are looking for the idea that they are a solid replacement for the future to take hold because they take it for granted that the formula for the independence government is exhausted.

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