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Ethan Hawke Confesses To Revealing Marvel Secrets To His Son

As if Tom Holland were not enough , it is possible that Marvel has welcomed a new official spoiler in its ranks: we are talking about Ethan Hawke. The Before Dawn actor , whom we will see alongside Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight , confesses that he has not been able to resist sharing secrets of the House of Ideas with his son.

In an interview with Variety (via ScreenRant), Hawke has pointed out that he finds it “very difficult” to keep his mouth shut after receiving tons of marvelite information. To top it all off, her son is 19 years old and a textbook ‘Marvel zombie’: “Every time I needed information about the background of such a god, or such a character, he would say to me: ‘Ah, that one! day ‘. It was my main resource, “he says.

Thus, Ethan Hawke’s family confidences have been for a good cause and (for now) the actor does not intend to let go of the hare. Something that Kevin Feige will surely appreciate.

In Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac will play the title character, an adventurer who could either be in contact with an Egyptian god of revenge, or suffer from multiple personalities, or both. The series premiere is scheduled for 2022.

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