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Eva González And Pastora Soler Celebrate Their Friendship In Vanesa Martín’s New Video Clip

The singer-songwriter Vanesa Martín has surrounded herself with her best friends to sing with joy to friendship. The video clip for his new song Y yo latiendo has two very special protagonists: Eva González and Pastora Soler .

The malagueña has released the single this Friday, November 5, excited to share such a lively song with her fans. It has been inspired by the festivals of Andalusian patios to compose a sound that invites you to dance.

And since there is nothing better than dancing together, in addition to her close friends she has surrounded herself with other beloved musicians to create a video full of music and joy in the purest Andalusian style.

In social networks, the presenter of La Voz and the representative of Eurovision have been very happy to show part of this project. Martín has defined it as “refuge, madness, loyalty and life.”

“There are gifts that touch your soul and this is one of those that life has given me. Thank you dear Vane for being there, for feeling, for not letting go, for beating,” González wrote. And Soler professed his affection and admiration: “I love you, friend.”

On YouTube, the single is becoming one of the premieres of the day and is already on the list of 10 most listened to with 45,000 views in less than 24 hours.

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