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FiraTàrrega, Street Theater Takes Away The Sadness Of The Covid

FiraTàrrega has got off to a good start: provoking people in the street, breaking schemes with works that force us to wonder about the chaos in which we live and moving with poetic languages.

On the first day, even before blowing out candles on a huge 40th anniversary cake where scenes lived in various editions were recreated in an institutional and emotional act led by Anna Giribet, artistic director of the festival and Natália Lloreta, executive director, Eléctrico 28 had surprised to the walkers of the street with ‘[The frame]’, a fresh proposal where the citizenship became the protagonist.

“Oh great! I thought there would be nothing,” exclaimed a young mother who was walking her baby when she was questioned by one of the interpreters. Last year the covid-19 prevented the celebration of the party and there is a desire to reconnect with the street theater. Although some were surprised to see spectators with headphones staring at the street turned into something else by art and magic of a show that invites us to stop and observe life from another perspective.

In the capital of Urgell, many have rediscovered their memories thanks to the audiovisual production tribute to the 40 years of FiraTàrrega that officially opened the exhibition in the Plaza Major. An accumulation of evocative images of the multitude of languages ​​and lived proposals, a tribute to the anonymous people who make the exhibition possible.

Since Comediants invaded it with their free and festive spirit for the first time in 1981, the inhabitants of Tàrrega have made this festival of the performing arts their own. It began to recover the street and the joy after the gray panorama of the Franco regime and has become an essential reference not only for the exhibition of shows, but also for production.

Despite the masks, security protocols and limited spaces to control attendance, despite less anarchic and busy streets than what is usually usual, there is a great desire to reconnect with the pulse of creativity, to discover shows and artists with shows full of public.

The first day left a good feeling with ‘Papillon’, where Àngel Duran fused man and machine , moving like a robot, in an impressive outdoor hightech stage. The work ended abruptly when some drops began to fall and the artist suspended the performance when there was little left to go; it was a pity. Luckily, the thing was not over, the storm moved away.

There were no problems, then, to penetrate the poetic world of ‘Alter’, the new thing in Kamchátka, a nocturnal experience in the middle of the camp.or where, in silence and with a ‘fanalet’, one discovers half-buried characters, each with their stories and memories that are shown through projections.

Nomadic characters, carrying a suitcase, who, like everyone else, need human warmth to feel alive. Sharing food, feelings and a party that ends with an irrational attack of rage. Portrait of a human being incapable of being happy? Each one does his reading.

For 40 years, the first companies Tàrrega has been a fertile ground for companies in the country. La Cubana, T de Teatre La Fura dels Baus, Carles Santos, all have passed through the show. La Veronal, which this summer was the first company to perform in the Plaza de los Papas at the Avignon Festival, also passed through Tàrrega in its early days.

And others continue to follow their path. In this edition Alma Steiner, Marina Miguel, Junyi Sun (‘Am I Bruce Lee’), with Elías Torrecillas, Carlos Martorell presented with ‘Lóng’, a suggestive look at the limitations in today’s society based on contemporary dance, the theater and martial arts. Kernel Dance Theater is worth keeping track of. They never leave you indifferent.

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