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From “The Break Has Arrived” To “Don’t Get High”

What was the best thing about Antonio Gasset’s work in front of Film Days? We could say that his ambition to cover the present day of the seventh art with all the possible breadth, beyond the promotional agendas of Hollywood. Also the fact that firms as solvent as Antonio Weinrichter, our collaborator Nando Salvá and Jordi Costa, to name just a few, participated in their space .

But, for those of us who were lucky enough to see his space while still young and naive, Gasset gave us an even more valuable lesson: that nothing was sacred, and that any cinematographic totem could be put into play with a couple of well-given taunts, especially if he came wrapped in the tinsel of big industry.

Generally preceded by a “break has arrived” (to indicate the passage “to advertising and promotions”), Gasset’s phrases in the interludes of Film Days took advantage of the program’s infamous schedule (“in the catacombs of the night”) and its low audience to set an example of how to shake a movie, an actor, a productive regime or the society of an entire country without resorting to rudeness or bar counter poses.

And, to honor that magisterium, here we recall some of his most memorable taunts.

“Film days, a program dedicated to entertaining victims of insomnia, night owls, couples in crisis, multi-drug addicts and even a movie fan”.

“And now, if you’ll excuse us, let’s talk about Spanish cinema.”

“[Jean-Pierre] Jeunet is the director of that monster, a film for some (they were wrong), a brick for another (we were right) which was Amélie”.

“Tomorrow the soccer World Cup begins. Despite my pessimism, I wish the Spanish team the best. That is, that they reach the eighth. Everything is possible in this life, even a miracle.”

“The moment of pause has arrived. Continue, if you want, in our tune, enjoying the advantages of home. That is, domestic violence, mutual mistrust, children with tattoos and insufficient wages.”

“The movie The Last Samurai is being released these days , starring Nicole Kidman’s ex-husband, the only notable piece of information about this actor named Tom Cruise.”

“Alien vs. Predator, from the specialist in these genres of extreme evil and slime, Paul [WS] Anderson. Only George Bush is missing among the characters.”

“To go to the movies with this billboard, you have to have a negative IQ.”

“It’s time for the break: I hope you can contain for a few minutes the sexual impulses of your partners. If it can’t be, it can’t be. In any case we will return after the publicity with the most chaste sector of the audience.”

“I wish you all have a good week, whatever you have decided to do, even if it is self-flagellating Nazarene.”

“I believe in and defend independence, which makes me a great pessimist.”

“Even if it is late, it is always good to discover that we have wasted time with some cretin or cretin.”

“Don’t take drugs. Among other things, drugs can cause bizarre hallucinations. A friend of mine, high on pills, thought he saw President George Bush reading a book.”

“Good taste and intelligence, what the cinema knew how to give us in times when it was not about taking it raw and, the more, the better.”

“The DVD and its offers, a space that shows that past cinema is always better.”

[On The Kingdom of Heaven, by Ridley Scott] “One of the most anticipated films of the year, which does not imply that it is good. To me it looks like a brick with a helmet and chain mail.”

“The break has arrived, good for you because that’s how you rest from us.”

[From the Cannes Film Festival] “The break has arrived, from this exceptional place where we are watching movies and even (oh, surprise!) Some movie with some interest”.

“Be good, flee from bad people and, above all, be aware that cinema is a small part of almost everything. And even completely dispensable.”

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