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García Egea Says That Half The Government Is Burning Containers

The general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, said this Saturday that the coalition government chaired by Pedro Sánchez is a “steamroller” under which are the hoteliers, the self-employed, working mothers and that Pablo Iglesias “marks the way against the dream of thousands of Spaniards “.

“It cannot be that half the Government of Spain is burning containers and the other half in silence,” he said. He was referring to the riots in the streets after the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél and the delay of the purple leader Pablo Echenique in explicitly condemning the violence after having supported “the young anti-fascists.” that, in his opinion, they demanded “justice and freedom of expression in the streets.”

At the PP congress in Granada, García Egea has criticized the Executive for defending more a rapper than a hotelier, “people who burn containers than those who get up every morning to pay the freelance fee.”

For this reason, he has asked the PP for an “opportunity” to be able to govern , because where they are given the training “does not fail”, although he has recalled that the only possible option when the time comes will be to choose between Sánchez or Pablo Casado, the “only one capable” of facing the current president.

One year after the outbreak of the pandemic
The number two of the popular ones has affirmed that next Monday, 8-M, international women’s day, it will be a year since the president “prepared” for that day while “other countries did it for the pandemic ”. “They were looking at the surveys and not the health alerts,” lamented García Egea.

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