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Girls Go Big At The Goya Awards 2021

That 11-year-old girl in Zaragoza who looked between scared and surprised at the world that was opening before her eyes, that Spain of 92 full of surprises and adventures, is the great winner of the night of the 35th Goya awards.

The girls, the drama by the newcomer Pilar Palomero, wins the awards for best film, novel direction, original script and photography for Daniela Cajías. Cajías makes history as the first woman to win in this category.

Palomero becomes the fifth new director to win that Goya and the one for best film, after Agustín Díaz Yanes, Alejandro Amenábar, Achero Mañas and Raúl Arévalo. Her different vision of childhood, told from the eyes of a girl entering adolescence, who feels the pressure of the adult world, has convinced academics, who have elevated her to the most unfortunate year for cinema and literature. lifetime.

The award for the best film was given by the nurse of Summa 112 Ana María Ruiz, architect of the library set up in the Ifema field hospital.

See the list of winners
Another of the historical milestones was the first Goya for a black actor, who received in the category of revelation interpreter Adam Nourou, the protagonist of Adú , by Salvador Calvo, a drama shot in Africa that obtained three more Goyas, among them best direction.

Rosa’s Wedding, by Icíar Bollaín, another film that talks about sisterhood and taking care of oneself, won the one for supporting actress for Nathalie Poza, and for the best song, for Rozalén, for her song Que no, que no.

Alberto San Juan, for his outspoken firefighter from Sentimental,it was the best secondary. Nor did he have them when he accepted the award, in which he criticized the PSOE for its housing policies. And Mario Casas, in his first candidacy, won the Goya for best leading actor for No Kill.

Prizes for all
Ane, by David Pérez Sañudo, which was another film focused on a woman at war against the world and who seeks inner peace, like Rosa’s wedding , obtained the adapted script, revelation actress (Jone Laspiur, who was also in Akelarre ) and leading actress (Patricia López Arnáiz). Ane’s team was gathered in a house in Burgos, and they took such good use of the scenography as that of The Girls, who lived the night in a hotel in Barcelona.

There were prizes for everyone. Akelarre , by Argentine Pablo Agüero, took five (costume design, makeup and hairdressing, special effects, music and artistic direction). The drama takes place in 1609 and shows how an inquisitor tortures a group of teenagers from a coastal town.

The girls have only one power, that of speech, and they will try to use it to escape their dire fate. Among his awards, there was the award for the best original music for Aránzazu Calleja and Maite Arroitajauregi, who sang the central theme of the film, a classic euskaldun Ez dugu nahi beste berorik, zure muxuen sua baino(We do not want more heat than the fire of your kisses), varied to thank your teammates.

They were among the best thanking the awards. And it must be recognized that the technicians behaved better than the actors, the great stars, in that rapid passage through the cameras.

In the year of the crisis, the two films that portrayed the Spain of ’92, the one about the explosion of wealth that seemed to end all evils, Girls and The Year of Discovery, have won awards. “Much reflection is lacking in Spain. We forget, we don’t think …

That happens in 1992. That’s where the germ of my film was born: the surreal things that still happened in Spain, and that we find incredible: the discos, the girls who get their hands on the street without complexes , repressive education or that television.

Do they seem anachronistic? It can, but there are echoes of them in the present ”, recalled the director in a talk for this newspaper with López Carrasco, head of The Year of Discovery. The documentary about the labor drama and the subsequent explosion in the streets of Cartagena in 1992 received the trophies for its category and for best editing.

A recognition of independent and women’s cinema, by Elsa Fernández- Santos

The Goya are very much alive, by Manuel Jabois
What is our role? We are storytellers, and this pandemic will have to be narrated … ”, Antonio Banderas reflects at the beginning . “Thus we will find our usefulness. Let’s do our reinterpretation of human nature that we call art, and that can be our bit. It does not elevate us to essentials, but it does elevate us to those of whom to lend a hand ”.

Banderas was very fine because that’s what the gala consisted of: a careful awards ceremony, very rigorous, very sober, with brilliant moments, such as that of the videowallin which the 166 candidates were seen in two moments: There were 138 video signals connected, and 40 trophy givers passed through the stage.

Banderas has suffered for taking out the gala: against external impediments forced by the pandemic, and against internal ones: it has not been easy. And it gave space in the fastest gala in history to have memories not only for the deceased, but also for all the workers who participate beyond the main credits.

Although of course, he pulled the agenda, and in the videos Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Nicole Kidman, Dustin Hoffman, Helen Mirren, Tom Cruise, Emma Thompson, Mahershala Ali, Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts or Isabelle Huppert came out.

In his speech, Mariano Barroso, president of the Academy, had to talk about the healing power of cinema, and he told as an example that watching movies lessened the pain of Angela Molina, Goya of Honor, upon the death of her father.

The honoree spoke of love, and served as the best message of hope for 2021: “Cinema has been the calendar of my life, my horizon, my path. We need to share it and we need to feel that we need it. “

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