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Government Says That The Vaccination Of Infants Is Not Acceptable

The first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, has stated that “it is not understandable or acceptable” the vaccination of infantas Elena and Cristina , because ” being infanta of Spain has obligations that entails exemplary “.

Calvo has made these demonstrations in an interview in La Sexta in which he has also remarked that the position of infanta is also “to unite your destiny to that of the rest, which is to wait each one until our turn . ”

Some statements that have their foundation after the infantas Elena and Cristina admitted that they were vaccinated against the coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates when they went to visit their father, Juan Carlos I.

The first vice president of the Government has reviewed the current situation and, continuing with the Royal House, has defended the position of her party to oppose an alleged appearance of King Felipe VI in Congress, because “constitutionally it is not possible”; and has also valued the fiscal situation of the king emeritus with a blunt: “We all have to comply with the law equally.

On the situation of the pandemic in Spain, he recalled that what is “crucial” now is to continue doing things “as before, with great responsibility” to avoid a new rebound or a fourth wave.

In that sense, she has focused on Holy Week, for which she considers that the most prudent thing “is that we are not moving anything more than what is essential” to face, along with vaccines, what she has described as “the straight end “in the fight against the pandemic .

Precisely on the vaccination process being carried out in Spain has been very optimistic ensuring that “although there are some problems with some of them -the vaccines-, which will be corrected, I am firmly convinced that over the summer we will achieve 70 percent of the protection in our country “.

Prohibition of demonstrations of 8-M
Another current topic that has been addressed in the interview has been the controversy generated after the prohibition of all the demonstrations called by 8-M in Madrid and has defended the “balanced and weighted” position of the Government Delegation.

“Madrid is not just any city. The demonstrations of other years have been spectacular and that is why we have to be cautious. The power of 8-M is not comparable to anything . The great demonstrations that Spain has seen in recent years are those of 8 -M, that is why it cannot be compared with the going out of a group to the street for any purpose. This is different and you have to be cautious, “he says.

Calvo has also sent a message, above all, to “the radicalized right-wing opposition.” “One thing is that we cannot encourage in a city as important as Madrid and another is that we are not being singled out, women, equality policies and feminism by the extreme right. The Spanish extreme right has targeted equality policies of sex and advancement in women because they are the ones who are transforming society, and they don’t like that. ”

Finally, he has defended the ” good relationship” existing within the coalition government, and on a hypothetical electoral advance he has also been blunt: “One thing is false news and another these delusions invented without foundation.”

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