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Goya Awards Is A Sober And Agile Gala

The filmmaker Bernabé Rico, nominated for the best new direction for ‘The inconvenience’, yesterday put a red carpet in his living room. It is a gesture that perfectly defines the Goya of the pandemic , a surprising, singular and unique online evening. Very rare.

In 35 years of history, the most unusual. An elegant, sober, agile, technically impeccable and surprisingly short gala -it ended at the scheduled time, before 00.30 hours-in which the 166 nominees connected from their home or from hotels with the Soho CaixaBank theater in Malaga.

Actresses, actors, filmmakers, screenwriters, musicians and technicians fled from pajamas and ‘homewear’ outfits, essential since March 2020, to dress up and get into Zoom. Surreal. But after a year of pandemic, citizens and few things seem abnormal. Luckily we have an organ that is a number one in adaptation: the brain.

In 2017 Antonio Banderas failed another organ, his heart. He decided to stop for a while and return to his home, Malaga. Seeing him surf the gala yesterday with so much mettle, it seems a lie that he has a heart attack between chest and back.

After laughingly confessing that he had fought with a shirt that did not quite fit him, the multifaceted actor came on stage and wanted to make a plea in favor of a cultural industry that was a blast of fresh air in the confinement of a year ago .

The cinema accompanies and excites, as the actor Antonio de la Torre also recalled , who, strangely enough, this year was not nominated but was part of the team of 40 big heads. Among them was the nurse Ana María Ruiz , the person in charge of organizing a library in the middle of the hospital built in the Madrid fairgrounds.

It was a nice tribute to the medical effort in the all-out war against coronavirus. In fact, the evening began with a few seconds of silence in memory of the victims of the pandemic.

With an elegant staging in which all frivolity was fled (an exciting version of ‘Un núvol blanc’, by Llach, for an ‘in memoriam’ in which Rosa María Sardà was not mentioned at the express wish of the actress) Banderas explained that the cinema is not only made up of stars but also of carpenters, drivers, electricians and owners of theaters who today suffer the nightmare of seeing them empty. Professionals who do not step on red carpets, but they are essential.

“Here we are, giving half a face for Spanish cinema because we only see our eyes,” joked a star like José Coronado from the corridors of the Malaga theater, where the red carpet was much more crowded than expected. So much so that the doctor Alberto García Salido predicted on Twitter “a possible cameo of the covid.”

Those who did not appear on the red walk were two great names of cinema, Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar . The director and actress entered the scene accompanied by Paz Vega, Juan Antonio Bayona and Alejandro Amenábar to deliver the most technical awards.

Screens. Masks (except for the transparent one by the actress Najwa Nimri, all were approved) Recorded appearances with Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise and Benicio del Toro. Connections ‘online’. Physical and virtual red carpet. Sound technicians in the candidates’ houses… «We have a small pifostio, a wonderful chaos.

Everything will be fine. And if not, we will improvise, which is what we do best in this country », Javier Cámara smiled from his home, hours before the gala began. Surrounded by his children’s teddy bears, the Sentimental star posed for viewers in his living room as if he were on the red carpet.

The same is the actress Patricia López Arnaiz, very elegant in a rural house in Burgos together with the ‘Ane’ team. Or Icíar Bollaín, in a rented apartment in San Sebastián,

If the stupendous ‘Host’ showed us how horror cinema adapts to Zoom’s times, the Goyas confirmed that Spanish cinema also fits in with everything. His heart has suffered a heart attack, the pandemic, but it is still beating.

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