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Greens Overtake Merkel Conservatives In Germany

Greens overtake Merkel’s conservatives in Germany, polls show. The candidate of the environmentalists Annalena Baerbock manages to increase support for her party by six points after being elected leader of the environmentalists.

The advance of the opposition’s political force coincides with the internal division suffered by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party and her CSU partners.

Environmentalists are sailing from strength to strength after the appointment of their leader for the legislative elections in September, surpassing conservatives Angela Merkel in voting intentions, according to a poll published this Sunday.

This is the second consecutive public opinion poll this week showing a turnaround , which if confirmed at the polls would be unprecedented in German political history and would open the doors of the Chancellery to the Greens.

This poll, carried out by the Kandar Institute for the newspaper ‘Bil’d in its Sunday edition, grants 28% of the votes to environmentalists, an increase of six points compared to the previous poll, as a result of the appointment of the candidate to the Chancellery of its co-chair, Annalena Baerbock .

For their part, Angela Merkel’s conservatives fell two points, to 27%, as a result of the controversial appointment of their leader , the president of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Armin Laschet, unpopular . The Social Democratic Party (SPD) is also losing ground with only 13%, as are the extreme right (10%) and the extreme left (7%).

Bet on renewal
Another poll released Tuesday by the RTL and NTV television networks also gave the Greens the lead in voting intention for the first time, also with 28%, beating the right.

The environmentalists chose Baerbock, 40, with a fairly moderate line in the defense of the environment and who is committed to renewal. These principles seem to have prompted the movement to assess public opinion, at a time when most other parties are struggling.

Conservatives continue to settle their internal accounts with “primaries” that have left deep divisions . The loser in the race for the candidacy to succeed Merkel among the conservatives, the Bavarian Markus Söder, attacked the winner, Armin Laschet, ruthlessly this weekend. Söder said the appointment of his rival “did not convince him” and considered that the CDU party is immersed in “a crisis”.

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