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‘Hawkeye’ Has A Continuity Error With What Was Seen In ‘The Avengers’

The Marvel series destined for Disney + have used to be based on Avengers: Endgame (and specifically the snap of Thanos), but Hawkeye has interrupted this trend going back to something further back. Specifically, to 2012, the year in which the world met the Avengers (also our world, as it was when Joss Whedon the homonymous film) and there was a spectacular battle in New York against Loki and the Chitauri. Hawkeye begins with a flashback that takes us back to this event, and as if it were the first scene of Batman v Superman we have the opportunity to observe the confrontation from the perspective of New Yorkers.

And, obviously, it is something terrifying. In fact, Kate Bishop’s ( Hailee Steinfeld ) father dies as a result of the battle, encouraging his daughter to train to be a vigilante. Before the ellipsis, however, we see a shot where the Stark Tower succumbs to the heat of battle, and subscribes to a continuity error that fans have not gone unnoticed. As we can read in a Reddit forum , the ‘Stark’ logo of this building is hit by an explosion, and loses the R. We already know that the loss of all the letters except the A will end up becoming the banner of the Avengers (A from Avengers) but the fact is that the logo is not being destroyed as it would have to be destroyed.

Frames from ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Hawkeye’Frames from ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Hawkeye’
In The Avengers Whedon dedicated a detailed shot to reproduce what happened to the letters, and we could see how the R and the K fell suddenly. In other words, Hawkeye completely contradicts what was seen in the 2012 film, although the ruling is quite understandable considering how these scenes were resolved. And is that the director Rhys Thomas could not use previously recorded material, but had to shoot it all over again and try to adjust as much as possible to what the public saw almost ten years ago.

“It was all done over again, except for a moment we used where Jeremy jumps off a building, but we had to shoot that from another angle, and we had our stuntman recreate that jump as well,” explained the director. Hence, we do not have to be harsh, and thinking that it is as seen in Hawkeye continues to allow us to have that avenging A. If it were not like that, one would have to wonder if we are not in another timeline, something that judging by the MCU’s tinkering with the multiverse would not be so far-fetched either.

The first two episodes of Hawkeye (of six that will end up running) are now available on Disney +.

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