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‘History Of The Copla And The Cuplé’ Will Arrive At The Flamenco Theater In Madrid

History of the Copla and the Cuplé will arrive at the Flamenco Theater of Madrid on November 28 by the hand of the renowned singers and actresses Olga María Ramos and María Gracia, who will combine two unique genres that are not only intertwined, but also confronted: the couplet and the couplet.

The function, which will begin at 1:00 p.m. and is scheduled to be represented one Sunday a month, seeks to attract audiences from all over Spain and internationally.

Configured as an ode to Spanish cultural heritage, Historia de la Copla y el Cuplé combines “the mischief, frivolity and romanticism of the Cuplé” with “the joy, drama and intensity” of the Copla, as explained in the note of press.

The work, which is produced by Vision Media, has opted for the voice of Olga María Ramos and María Gracia for their experienced career. “It is not just singing, but disclosing how rich the poetic-musical creativity has been ” that so many good moments have given on stage the copla and the cuplé.

“The new generations will know this cultural wealth, educating and encouraging that our art is never lost. The rest of the generations will enjoy and remember other days when these songs filled their lives,” they point out from the company.

Olga María Ramos and María Gracia
Daughter of the singer and violinist Olga Ramos and the composer Enrique Ramírez de Gambo, Olga María Ramos was born in Madrid. She is a composer, singer and actress and wrote the book De Madrid al Cuplé. His new album Evocation has just been released .

He is in possession of numerous awards such as the Agustín Lara Medal, the Bordeaux Silver Medal, the Silver Antena in 2012 shows or the Silver Locket from the Raquel Meller association.

Her extensive career as a singer and speaker has taken her to places such as the Instituto Cervantes in Beiruth and Cairo, SGAE, Casa de América, Thalía Theater in New York or the Gunston Arts Center Theater in Washington.

For her part, the Sevillian María Gracia had as her first artistic-professional contact the program Gente Joven (RTVE), in which she was the winner in 1989. Later, in 1990,

She was born in Seville and her first artistic-professional contact was in 1989, in the young people program, (new people), RTVE , in which she was the winner. In 1990 he signed with the record label Fonomusic.

From his hand, Luna Rota saw the light in 1991, Loco corazón in 1992, De Frente in 1994, with the production of Rafael Rabay. Thinking of you was born in 1997, produced by Alejandro Abad. With the last two albums she was a candidate for the AIE music awards.

Participations on television have been the most diverse when passing through programs such as Entre Amigos, by José Luis Moreno in different autonomous regions; VIP night and special New Year’s Eve VIP galas, with Emilio Aragón on Telecinco or Stay with the copla, with Andrés Caparrós and Consuelo Berlanga.

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