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I Don’t ‘Have A Preference’ If My Son Is Suffering From Autism – Amy Schumer

In a recent interview, Schumer spoke candidly about her two-year-old son. And how she does not “have a preference” whether he has the autism gene or not.

During an episode on Chelsea Handler’s podcast, Dear Chelsea, the 40-year-old star discussed the outcome of a future diagnosis of autism for her son Gene. She said how she would feel if her son got autism. During an interview with Schumer, she mentioned how her husband, Chris Fischer, 42, was diagnosed as an adult with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Schumer first revealed her husband’s diagnosis with ASD in her 2019 Netflix special, Growing.

She said, “I think the odds are pretty good that he will probably have autism. She continued, “Parents experience this in different ways. I can’t imagine what it is like to have a child with severe autism.”

I won’t be looking for signs of ASD in a way that is upsetting if Gene does end up having ASD. She added that she is not hoping either way. Several of my favorite people are on the spectrum and suffer from autism.

Despite Schumer saying Gene might be a bit young to get diagnosed, she says she has no preference either way if he ever enters the autism spectrum.

“He’s two and a half and they don’t diagnose children until maybe six,” she said. “You can observe some signs, but the diagnosis doesn’t come until later, and honestly, I don’t care what the diagnosis is. The most significant thing is that your children are healthy and happy.”

As noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), autism spectrum disorder “can sometimes be detected at 18 months or younger.” A diagnosis by a health care provider can be “very reliable” at the age of two. However, many children aren’t given a “final diagnosis” until older.

Schumer has previously spoken about this topic on social media. In 2019, one Instagram user commented on the Trainwreck actress’s post with her son, asking her how she would “cope with the probability that her child Gene would be on the spectrum.”

In response to People, my husband is my favorite person I have ever met,” Schumer said. “I do not see being on the spectrum as a negative.” I admire him because he is kind, hilarious, interesting, and talented. What should I hope that my son doesn’t become like him?”

“Like all parents, I will pay attention to him and make sure he has the tools he needs to overcome whatever challenges may come up,” she said.

She laughed and said she would be “disappointed” if her child loved Big Bang Theory and Nascar, not if he had autism.

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