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I’d Always Be A Wedding Singer If It Weren’t For Tiktok

For a long period of time, TikTok’s viral sensations have been changing the musical world.

Instead of traveling the country singing at weddings, Chloe Adams maybe now uses SoundOn, the video-sharing platform’s new music service.

Unsigned musicians can use the platform to upload recordings and metadata, get rewarded, and find exposure.

Chloe had indeed amassed over 1.2 million TikTok followers before SoundOn’s introduction last week.

Her song Dirty Thoughts, like many other songs, immediately caught the eye of the TikTok audience. With almost 10 million streams on Spotify, it has become a hit.

“I discovered that developing a strong fan base on TikTok, or having my song go viral on TikTok, were some of the only ways that new artists break through these days,” the Leicester-based 24-year-old said.

“Before publishing and presenting my unique music as a full-time job, I was a singer of a wedding band that appeared at many weddings anywhere across the country.

“I was the opening act and performed acoustic guitar, and if I didn’t have a model to share my own music online, that’s where I’d be right now.”

Before SoundOn, musicians who produced viral tunes had to leave TikTok to get exposure.

They can now do anything within one location by using the app to spread their music to all other streaming services, including Russo, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and Tencent’s Joox.

“It feels like any young and upcoming artist in the UK is embracing TikTok as a space to go out there and display people what they can do, and to build an audience,” David Mogendorff, TikTok’s UK head of artist partnerships, told the media.

SoundOn grants music creators 100% revenues for the first year and 90% after that to enable emerging and unknown musicians and increase their popularity. There are no additional costs as well.


Even though musicians have been distributing music on sites such as YouTube for years, several entry-level performers have difficulty earning revenue, with only recordings with a large number of views capable of making money from commercials.

Artists have much more artistic control over what they share through SoundOn, but they also have more effect when signing with a prospective record label, which they may decide to do in the future.

“We want to do something that will empower artists at that stage of their careers. Every bit counts, and we wanted continue providing folks with a service that was incredibly helpful to them “Mr. Mogendorff remarked.

The technology, which Chinese internet giant ByteDance controls, allows artists to choose the best model for them and to stay completely self-sufficient, but the hurdle is high.

“We have an extremely stringent moderation and editorial service in place to assure that individuals are only uploading songs that they own and that are appropriate for our community guidelines,” he stated.

SoundOn is now accessible in the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Indonesia, with Abby Roberts, Games We Play, and Muni Long one of the few to join up.

The industry has responded favorably to the potential for streaming services to get music straight from SoundOn.

Deezer’s vice-president of artist relations, Nigel Harding, told the Media: “TikTok’s decision to launch SoundOn seems like a no.

“The platform has a large audience and a dynamic music community, which makes it particularly appealing to up-and-coming musicians.

“From Lil Nas X and Olivia Rodrigo to more up-and-coming artists like PinkPantheress and Shygirl, TikTok and other social media sites are rapidly becoming the default way to begin a music career.”

SoundOn will provide vocalists with various materials, such as fan insight and developmental training from a dedicated artist staff.

Besides distribution, musicians are interested in getting their music in front of the right audiences, which will always include conventional methods such as purchasing CDs and merchandising and attending live performances.

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