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If 23 F had triumphed independentists who did not come to celebrate democracy

This Tuesday, 40 years have passed since Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero left an entire country awake after trying to carry out a coup in the Congress of Deputies. This week marks four decades of one of the most important moments in the history of Spain and that marked a before and after in Spanish democracy.

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The Congress will receive this afternoon the visit of the king Felipe VI , to celebrate February 23 that won democracy. Nationalist parties such as ERC , PNV , JuntsxCat, Bildu , BNGA and the CUP will not be in the chamber to receive the monarch , a decision that has been widely criticized. The presenter Ana Rosa Quintana has been one of the first to speak and has been very harsh with the pro-independence groups.

In addition, the presenter has defended the emeritus king and has regretted that he has to celebrate this commemorative day outside his country. “The person who stopped the coup, Juan Carlos I , is not invited , the Government has sent him out of Spain and neither will the members of the Executive who have supported him in the budgets,” denounced Quintana.

The host of the morning magazine has reacted to the rudeness of the nationalist parties: “If the coup had triumphed the independentists who did not come to celebrate democracy, they would not exist . ”

Likewise, the journalist has defended the emeritus king and praised his role in 23F: “The king that night managed to make the coup plotters desist, because if they had succeeded there would now be neither democracy nor freedom.”

Ana Rosa has also addressed Sánchez’s main partners, United Podemos , and has questioned the role of the party this afternoon in Congress: “The one who will be will be Podemos, but the question will be whether it is Iglesias who will take the floor or his parliamentary spokesman Echenique, who has constantly lashed out at the monarchy. ”

The presenter has used the figure of Carrillo, of the Communist Party , to attack Iglesias and his party for their animosity towards the Crown. “There are only three people who did not fall to the ground with the sound of the machine gun bursts: President Suárez , Vice President Gutiérrez Mellado and the leader of the Communist Party Santiago Carrillo, ” the journalist began.

The communicator has been very forceful in her speech to defend the role of the monarchy in the history of this country: “They failed to subdue Carrillo, who supported the monarchy because he said that the king should not be given away to the right , now Podemos insists in the lack of democratic normality and in overthrowing the Crown, “Ana Rosa concluded.

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