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Illa Reproaches Aragonès For Seeking To Repeat A Failure

Almost four months after leaving his position as minister by surprise to head the PSC’s candidacy for the Catalan elections, Salvador Illa made his debut in Parliament not as a candidate to preside over the Generalitat, but as the main representative of the opposition to candidate Pere Aragonès.

In his speech he mixed criticism of the independence movement with the defense of a project of “solid alternative” to 10 years of ‘procés’ that have left ” an exhausted country” , and also with the verification that, despite the fact that ERC has chosen The path of the pact with JxCat, there is in the Chamber “a possible left majority.”

It cannot be said that Illa sought with her speech to persuade Aragonès to take a last minute turn and change alliances. But it did seek to verify that ERC has once again bet on “a drift that deepens the blockade” when it had an alternative. “

You have chosen, and have preferred to remain sheltered in your comfortable trench . It is an easy position, but the price is a paralyzed Catalonia. You want to repeat a failure,” he told the candidate. Illa won the elections, but her result was not robust enough to bring down the independence movement from power.

And his speech moved between those two circumstances. He resumed the ideas of his campaign that Catalonia “is not there for what it has to be” -which is in the fight against the pandemic and in refloating the economy, and not in identity discussions-, and charged against the Aragonès pact with the “anti-system” of the CUP, whom he reproached for their treatment of the Mossos d’Esquadra.

“The change is irreversible”
After remembering that the PSC is now the “first party in Catalonia”, Illa also wanted to send a message of hope to those who wanted an alternative in the Government. “I want to tell you that Catalonia will continue to move forward despite everything, that the change is irreversible.

What Aragonès proposes today does not help, it hinders. But it is temporary, temporary and temporary,” he said, assuming that he will have to work in the opposition if he wants to become ‘president’.

In the aftershocks, where Aragonès was more incisive, it was noted that Illa had spent time more in management than in dialectical duel. The candidate for ‘president’ took advantage of his turn to give some compliments to JxCat , whose support he pursues. “Do you think repression is comfortable, that there are JxCat negotiators who have to go back to sleep in jail, have to speak on screen with colleagues in exile?” Said Aragonès.

Reunion and oblivion
The ERC candidate also stressed that “the reunion” between Catalans that Illa proposes “cannot be forgotten.” “We will never forget those who are in jail and exile. We have a 52% pro-independence vote. There is a reality: with high or low participation, there is a pro-independence majority in Parliament. Face reality,” he added.

And, in response to the request of the socialist candidate that the debate remain within the norms of the rule of law, he affirmed: “The rule of law is not immovable. Here we come to make new laws, to change old ones , to transform reality”.

Illa reproached him then that “Catalonia is less cohesive than in 2010”, and that the independence movement “has impoverished it and has discredited the institutions” with its “divisive approach”. “I summarize my requests in two: tell the truth and work to unite Catalonia, ” he added.

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