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India Faces A Critical Situation Due To The Rise In Infections

New positives grow by more than 350,000 cases a day and hospitals suffer from shortages of medical oxygen.

India on Monday surpassed 17 million coronavirus infections since the start of the pandemic, the product of a second wave of cases that adds up to record numbers of infections and deaths for the fifth consecutive day, in a critical situation due to the lack of hospital oxygen .

Only in the last 24 hours the Asian nation added 352,991 new infections, and 2,812 deaths, the highest numbers registered so far according to the part of the Indian Ministry of Health.

This brings the accumulated total to 17.3 million infections and 195,123 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, which is experiencing its most critical moment in this nation of 1.35 billion inhabitants.

India continues to be the country with the worst infection data in the world, representing more than a third of the global total of infections confirmed on Sunday by the World Health Organization (WHO), 830,806 new infections of covid-19.

The deep deterioration of the country, which had left behind a first wave of cases last February, when the numbers were below 9,000 infections, has advanced rapidly in a matter of weeks.

The rise in infections has led to a significant increase in the number of hospitalizations, with more than 16% of active cases out of the total 17.3 million registered so far, which has led to a critical situation in hospitals in the most important regions. affected and the scarcity of resources to treat the disease.

New Delhi, confined for a week , is one of the most affected regions, with serious hospital limitations, especially medical oxygen, which has left the levels of vital supply at a minimum.

A city hospital reported the death of 20 patients on Saturday after oxygen pressure dropped due to lack of this gas.

About half a dozen hospitals in the city have reported oxygen shortages on which hundreds of coronavirus patients depend, requiring assisted breathing.

Only the Indian capital has reported some 25,000 daily cases, with a positive rate of more than 35% , that is, at least one in three people subjected to a coronavirus test were infected.

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