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Indonesia Locates The Submarine And Gives Up 53 Crew Members

Grainy, greenish images denied hope. The hull of the submarine ‘Nanggala-402’, sectioned into three parts, rests on the seabed. They are the “real proof”, clarified the Indonesian Chief of Staff, Yudo Margono.

An Indonesian rescue vehicle sent by Singapore to where sonars had detected a metallic mass this morning provided visual confirmation that closed the slim chances of finding the 49 crew members, three gunners and the ship’s commander alive. The submarine fell to a chasm of more than 838 meters, well beyond the capacity of the hull . This extreme depth will make the recovery of the remains of the ship and the corpses an odyssey.

Jakarta had already changed the status of the submarine from “lost” to “sunk” the day before after having found a bottle of oil for the periscope, prayer rugs, parts of a torpedo shuttle and other objects that anticipated the state of disaster. . An anchor and sailors’ safety suits were rescued from the waters of the Java Sea today .

The ‘Nanggala-402’ had not been known since its dive on Wednesday to participate in a torpedo launch test. Jakarta has not yet offered an official explanation for the tragedy but early guesses point to a sudden power failure that prevented the spacecraft from returning to the surface or launching calls for help.

The possibility of an explosion is unlikely because it would have been heard by the sonars in the area and experts clarified today that the hull must have split as it fell to the bed. Water pressure at depths greater than 200 meters, they added, complicated the integrity of the hull.

Yudo Margono explains the latest updates on the search for the missing submarine.

“The soldiers have fallen while doing their duty in North Bali. On behalf of the entire Army and the Armed Forces family, I express my deepest condolences to the families of the fallen. May God give them serenity, ”said Hadi Tjahjanto, head of the Army.

The president, Joko Widodo, who had asked the country to pray in the previous days, today offered his condolences to the families. The outcome ends one of the most massive international search operations , with ships sent by half a dozen countries that have scanned the waters from the air, the surface and the depths for three days.

Indonesia has insisted that the submarine, in service since 1981, was in good condition. The same German-made model is used by a dozen countries , but experts point out that the more than four decades of life of the ‘Nanggala-40’2 could have influenced its collapse.

The Southeast Asian country, which has more than 17,000 islands, had reduced its submarine fleet from a dozen to five in recent years. The Indonesian Navy faces increasing challenges in some of the most contested waters on the planet and has collected friction with Chinese ships in the vicinity of the Natuna Islands.

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