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Indonesian Authorities Consider The Missing Submarine Sunk

Indonesian authorities consider the missing submarine sunk. In recent days, remains of objects have been found that could indicate that there was a crack in the ship.

The hopes of finding the 53 crew members alive are slim as oxygen reserves have been depleted.

The Indonesian navy today changed the status of its submarine from “lost” to “sunk” after recovering some of its remains in the waters of the Java Sea where it disappeared on Wednesday.

The hopes of finding its 53 crew members alive are slim because the revelation that the ship does not continue in one piece is compounded by the presumed end of oxygen . The three days of reserves that the authorities had calculated were fulfilled on Saturday morning.

Admiral Yudo Margono has revealed that a bottle of periscope oil, prayer rugs, parts of a torpedo shuttle and other objects have been found. Former crew members have confirmed that they belong to the Nanggala-402 submarine.

Yudo argued this morning that the implosion theory is implausible and opted for the rupture of the hull due to high pressures. The objects found near the place of the last dive would have come out through the crack.

Fuel stain
The area in which the ship is believed to be found has a depth of almost 900 meters , well beyond the threshold of the submarine’s endurance. Experts indicated in the previous days that the structure would not support more than 500 meters while the engineers of the shipping company that reconditioned the ship were pessimistic beyond 200.

The search is now focused on a 40-kilometer perimeter north of Bali. Even there, where a fuel slick was found two days ago, about twenty Indonesian ships continue to operate , an Australian warship equipped with sonar, a US reconnaissance plane and several ships from Singapore, Malaysia and India. Submersible balloons have also been displaced to raise the submarine.

Indonesian authorities have not yet given up but have repeatedly asked the country to pray for the miraculous rescue of the 53 crew members.

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