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It Is Now With 35 Years Tina Majorino, The Girl From ‘Waterworld’

Almost 25 years ago the unusual Waterworld proposal was released with Kevin Costner , protagonist and one of the producers of this post-apocalyptic dystopia surrounded by water everywhere. A project that he left in the hands of his good friend Kevin Reynolds to take the helm behind the cameras. What did not prevent that at the time it was very badly received .

On this adventure, Costner was accompanied by Jeanne Tripplehorn and a girl of just ten years, Enola, played by Tina Majorino .

Yes, his face was angelic and peculiar, as requested by the canons of child prodigies , and he had to deal with the conflicts that fame drags at such a tender age. Over time she would say that you should “try to keep your feet on the ground to avoid the temptations this job offers”, and admits that she is “her biggest critic” .

A year earlier, in 1994, she had been Corina’s little lead , Corina , and also the daughter of Meg Ryan’s character in When a Man Loves a Woman .

Tina Majorino – When a man loves a woman
Among her later more prominent roles, in 1999 she starred in a television version of Alice in Wonderland .

In cinema he would not get to consolidate a great career. Just one memorable feature film to cite, at 19, the cult title Napoleon Dynamite released in 2004. She would also dub her character as Deb in the 2012 six-episode animated series.

Then, film projects of no interest. Things like Think Tank , or with zero repercussion between critics and the public, like What We Do is Secret or Should’ve Been Romeo . But did those failures doom her acting career? Not at all.

The Alice in Wonderland thing was an omen. There was television , also allowing him to combine a quiet life, away from stardom , with his profession before the cameras. Since 2006 we have been able to see her in Big Love , in some episodes of Bones , in the fifth season of True Blood or the ninth of Grey’s Anatomy in which she played Dr. Heather Brooks. His stay at Seattle’s Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital ended early in the tenth season.

Tina Majorie – Grey’s Anatomy
We have also seen her in Veronica Mars (another of her most important performances as Cindy ‘Mac’ Mackenzie). Or in Legends and, more recently, among the supergeniuses of Scorpion (in its final season, the fourth).

Now he is 35 years old (he turned them on February 7) and his Instagram account has almost 40,000 followers . Photos of contact with nature or showing his passion for dogs predominate.

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