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Jake Gyllenhaal Is In Talks To Star In New Guy Ritchie

After a somewhat disappointing tour of Hollywood for his lifelong followers (crystallized in King Arthur: The Legend of Exalibur or Aladdin ), Guy Ritchie seems to face his career with renewed energy, working at enormous speed while his new films obtain the approval of criticism.

This began to be felt from The Gentlemen and was confirmed with the recent Awaken the Fury : a hard-hitting action movie that seems to have reminded him how much he loves working with Jason Statham . In fact, this actor will also intervene in the next of the British director, under the title Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, and having its premiere scheduled for next January 21, 2022 .

It is a date, indeed, very close, which supports the fact that Ritchie is already thinking about his next film. This will not have Statham and does not even have a title yet, but media such as Deadline pick up that it seeks to have Jake Gyllenhaal as the protagonist.

The acclaimed interpreter is therefore in negotiations to headline Ritchie’s new film, returning his schedule to be plagued with projects after a few months where they were in short supply. For a while, in fact, the last thing we had seen of Gyllenhaal was Velvet Buzzsaw and Spider-Man: Far From Home , not counting his work as a producer on later releases like The Devil at All Hours or Relic .

However, Gyllenhaal has just returned to the spotlight with Guilty , a film directed by Antoine Fuqua and recently released by Netflix that is planned as a remake of the famous Danish film with the same name. Beyond this thriller and Ritchie’s project, Gyllenhaal has long been linked to both an adaptation of the video game The Division and to the new Michael Bay film , which, under the title Ambulance , has already completed its filming. Hopefully we’ll have more details about Ritchie’s next thing shortly.

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