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John Cena Returns After ‘The Suicide Squad’ In The Best Company

It is not entirely clear how Warner received the news that The Suicide Squad had sunk at the box office (due to a probable mix between the COVID-19 outbreaks and its simultaneous presence on HBO Max), but it is also logical: when they premiered the James Gunn- directed film was nearing the end of production on its spinoff series, Peacemaker .

Or El Pacificador , as we will know it in Spain: a spin-off of The Suicide Squad that goes back to the end of the aforementioned film to tell what happened next with the despicable character played by John Cena, which the public already considered dead. However, the Peacemaker has returned, and has to face a new mission marked by ultraviolence and the extreme humor of the house.

When Gunn is about to return to Marvel (where he plans to direct both the Volume 3 of Guardians of the Galaxy as … his Christmas special), the DC FanDome received him as a guest to present the final trailer for The Peacemaker .

Gunn, visibly satisfied that Warner has once again let him do what he wanted, has stated that he is “excited to expand The Suicide Squad and bring this character from the DC Cinematic Universe to a series” , so that then everything The Internet had at its disposal the official preview of El Pacificador . Not the first, however, since a few weeks ago we were presented with a hilariousteaser with the character of John Cena facing the teasing of his new co-workers.

In the trailer at hand, we can see the Peacemaker in the company of other masked assassins as he demonstrates his bomb-proof stupidity and his friendship with … an eagle. Yes, as was previously hinted at, Cena’s great friend in this series is an eagle, which in a certain scene shows itself capable of giving hugs with its wings.

Matt Miller , producer of The Peacemaker, has defined it as ” The Office in the form of a superhero series” , and DC has confirmed that it will arrive on HBO Max on January 13, 2022 . By then this service will be available in Spain, so that we can all follow up on the misadventures of this stupid and magnetic guy.

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