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Johnson’s Former Top Adviser Accuses PM Of Alleged Wrongdoing

Boris Johnson has encountered a fearsome enemy . A specialist in liquidating adversaries. The British Prime Minister is now in the crosshairs of someone who knows his secrets, intimacies, tricks and weaknesses . The shadowy Dominic Cummings returned to the scene in British politics on Friday, as abruptly as he had come out last fall.

Who until a few months ago was the prime minister’s right-hand man, his main adviser, the man who ruled Downing Street more than almost all the members of the government combined, accused Johnson of having neither “the competence” nor “the integrity that the country deserves ” and to have acted “ perhaps illegally ”.

Cummings says he is willing to testify under oath when he appears on May 26 before a committee of Parliament that analyzes the Government’s management on the covid. His testimony can be devastating for Johnson.

Tax arrangements
Cummings’ withering ire was unleashed when three national newspapers, with information supplied by the prime minister’s office, accused him of leaking compromising text messages between Johnson and billionaire industrialist James Dyson, a famous vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

The businessman, a prominent figure in favor of Brexit, who now operates his technology companies from Singapore, was demanding tax breaks for his company, when at the beginning of the pandemic he was asked to urgently manufacture respirators.

The tax issue was not an obstacle, Johnson told him from his cell phone. “I’ll fix it for you.” In another message he urged him: “Rishi says that everything is settled !!! We need you here ”. Rishi Sunak, the finance minister, would declare shortly after in Parliament that there would be no tax advantages for anyone who contributed in the fight against the coronavirus.

Cummings has denied that he was the one who leaked the messages. The former counselor had been fired in November after clashing with Johnson’s girlfriend, Carrie Symonds, who ended up beating him. “Carrie’s coup,” read the cover of Tatler magazine, which referred to her as “the most powerful woman in Britain.”

Cummings left the prime minister’s residence through the front door, before dozens of cameras, ostensibly carrying a cardboard box full of documents. Now the time seems to have come to start pulling your calendar, notes and archived messages.

Decoration with political donations
The first blow was launched on Friday from his blog. One of the accusations against Johnson is that he had an “unethical, stupid and possibly illegal” plan for Conservative Party patrons to “secretly pay” for the decoration and furniture of Johnson and Symonds’ private apartment (65,000 euros) , a task for the one that she was given. That “broke with all the existing rules regarding the transparency of political donations.”

Official spokesmen would later say that Johnson had paid for the reforms. Cummings questions the professionalism of the president who put Brexit on a platter and whom he helped win overwhelmingly in the last general election. “It is sad to see how low the prime minister and his team have fallen when it comes to the levels of competence and integrity that this country deserves.”

“Nobody tells the truth”
Cummings’ attacks come at a time of unrest among the ‘Tories’, over accusations of cronyism, use of influence and lack of transparency. Cases like that of former Prime Minister David Cameron sending messages to the current Finance Minister and two other ministers asking for public aid for the financial company Greensill, which he advised and would end up bankrupt.

The former attorney general, Dominic Grieve , excluded from the Conservative Party for opposing Brexit, on Saturday accused the current government of “lack of integrity” and Johnson of having transformed the official office into “a clique of cronies.”

Another Conservative MP, Johnny Mercer, pointed out after being fired this week as Secretary of State for Defense, that the environment in the current government “is the least reliable and the most horrible in which I have ever worked. Virtually no one tells the truth. “

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