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Jonah Hill To Play Jerry Garcia In Scorsese’s Grateful Dead Musical Biopic

Still immersed in post-production on the thriller Killers of the Flower Moon , with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro , Scorsese’s list of projects is still tight and also under the auspices of Apple he will develop a musical film about the psychedelic rock and folk rock band Grateful. Dead founded in 1965, amid the fervor of the hippie counterculture movements of the time .

Once again, it was Deadlline who took over the exclusive of the actor chosen to play Jerry Garcia , the singer, guitarist and leader of the group, and this will be Jonah Hill , who has previously worked under the director in the celebrated The Wolf of Wall Street .

Of Galician roots, his father was born in the Coruña municipality of Sada, Jerry Garcia was in charge of the Grateful Dead until his death, at age 53, in 1995 due to a heart attack when he was interned in a rehabilitation clinic for his drug addiction.

At the moment there are no more details about the period that the argument would cover, but another guarantee that the project promises is that among those involved will be Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski , scriptwriters of the miniseries American Crime Story:

The People v. OJ Simpson , and also Big Eyes or Ed Wood by Tim Burton, The Larry Flynt Scandal by Milos Forman or I am Dolemite with Eddie Murphie (and also, why not remember it ?, from This Boy is a Devil and sequels in the 90s). And to bring the feature film to fruition, Apple already has the rights to the catalog of songs of the singular band.In addition, the proposal will have the approval of both the Grateful Dead and their representative who will surely be involved as advisers or producers.

For Scorsese it will mean his first fiction film in the field of musical biographies , although he has always demonstrated his passion for the genre through documentaries, from for example The Last Waltz of 1978 to George Harrison: Living in the Material World of 2011 or Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese from 2019. He was also the producer of Long Strange Trip , the 2017 documentary precisely about the rock band whose adventures he soon plans to capture on screen.

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