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Lady Di’s Bodyguard Praises Kristen Stewart’s Performance In ‘Spencer’

The representation of the British royal family in the audiovisual has starred in negative headlines in recent times, especially when The Crown had to cover the relationship between Prince Charles and Diana of Wales .

Circles close to real life personalities criticized the lack of judgment and the alleged manipulations of showrunner Peter Morgan , while there were already those who trembled to imagine what would happen in the following season. The fifth installment of the acclaimed Netflix series will recreate the last days of life of the commonly known as Lady Di, now incarnated by Elizabeth Debicki after the portrait ofEmma Corrin has not stopped being present at the awards races.

Before these new episodes are released, we have a new date with Lady Di and her in- laws in Spencer , Pablo Larraín’s new job . Within this film (which arrives in Spain on November 19 ), Kristen Stewart is in charge of playing the princess, with a job that many already link to the Oscar career and that, indeed, has been unanimously praised.

Even by those who had a close relationship with Diana during her marriage to Carlos, from whom she ended up divorcing and displaying the media storm that would lead to her later death. Ken Wharfe , bodyguard of the royal family and personal protector of the princess between 1989 and 1993, has already seen Spencer , and Stewart’s work has impressed him a lot.

Kristen Stewart and Britney Spears
“Of all the people who have played Diana in the last 10 years, she is the closest to the real one,” he assured via People. This is a shocking statement not only by Corrin, but also that time Naomi Watts portrayed her in the corresponding biopic , Diana.

“He has imitated his gestures to perfection,” insists Wharfe, who was also present during the Christmas festivities that Spencer portrays : those in which Diana was realizing that she could not continue her relationship with Carlos and needed to separate herself from royalty. “It was a purgatory for Diana. He just spent time in the kitchen with the chef or people like me, hoping that time would pass and he could go back to London, ” says the bodyguard.

The aforementioned chef has a main role, precisely, in Spencer , being played by Sean Harris . As for Larraín (who has already ruled out continuing the saga of biopics that began with Jackie focusing on the complex life of Britney Spears ) during the promotion of his film, he has only had good words for the role of Stewart. “I think she is one of the great actresses of today. To do it well you need something very important in cinema, which is mystery. Kristen can be many things: mysterious and fragile and, ultimately, also very strong (…) She is a force of nature ”.

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