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Lenny Kravitz Shows Off His Abs Of Steel At 56

Lenny Kravitz shows off abs of steel at 56. The interpreter has stunned his followers after sharing a photo with his torso discovered on his Instagram and Twitter profiles.

At 56 years old, Lenny Kravitz has had no qualms about delighting us with a spectacular and sexy image in which he boasts of toned muscles.

Enjoying the Caribbean paradise with dreadlocks, his torso exposed and opening a coconut , the musician and actor appears for the objective of Karen Gault . A photograph that has gone viral in a few hours, already exceeding 400,000 ‘likes’ on Instagram and 7,500 comments.

These are some of them: “The beauty”; “Where are your 56 years?”; “How can you look like this?”; My goal is to be like you and u “I’ve never wanted to be a bogeyman, until now”. His shapely abs have also become a trend on Twitter . In fact, memes and comments have proliferated such as.

“Where did you have to sign to have Lenny Kravitz’s 56 ? But what a cool guy”; ” Come on Lenny! You have to tell me your secret. Please tell me you have a few beers or wine twice a week. And maybe two or three slices of pizza …” one of them tweeted. Are you immortal? “Added another.” Three decades and not for … Lenny is like cheese “,

Hard training and vegan diet
The also composer, producer, instrumentalist, photographer and designer , who is the current image of Y, the perfume that Yves Saint Laurent launched in 2017, has achieved this body of impact thanks to constant training and a vegan diet.

According to the magazine ‘Men’s Health’, his trainer, Dodd Romero shared one of the routines that the New Yorker follows: ” Lenny Kravitz’s training combines cardio (twice a day) with weight lifting (once a day) and trains 5-6 times a week.

A normal routine starts with 2 minutes of jumping jacks and is followed by exercises of which he performs 5 sets. The difference with other workouts is that he starts the dumbbell exercises with 50 repetitions and decreases the number in each set, “he details.

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