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Los Toreros Muertos And No Me Pises Come Together To Make A Joint Tour

The historic bands Los Toreros Muertos and No Me Pises Que Llevo Chanclas have joined forces to organize a joint tour that, under the new name of Toreros Con Chanclas , will start on November 27 at the theater in the Sevillian town of Los Palacios.

The “common desire to blow up pomposity” and “the desire for humor”, they explained in a press release, has led to this alliance between the leaders of both formations, Pablo Carbonell and Pepe Begines, who have known each other for years of ” encounters on stages , roads, movies and other attempts to escape from normal work. “

“Some more clowns, others more intellectual, some more satirical, others more punk, some more verbeneros , others more jazzy … Why not all at once?” Asks Carbonell as a justification for this union, in which “No Me Pises Que Llevo Chanclas is to Los Toreros Muertos the same as the rural world for the urban one. “

Precisely the band that this Cadiz musician and actor has led since 1986 is pointed out by Begines as the inspiring origin that same year of his own group, which, “a few years later with its agropop style, joined the club where good vibes and music they converge and are confused ” , indicates in the press release.

After achieving successes such as Yo no me llamo Javier or Manolito , Los Toreros Muertos separated in 1992, to return in 2007 with their original line-up and a compilation that was followed in 2019 by their first studio work in 27 years, Estruendo Folclórico .

Also of Sevillian origin, No Me Pises Que Llevo Chanclas has remained active since its birth in 1986 and has spawned 14 albums between studio, direct and compilation albums, up to the most recent Rock with Tomato (2019).

Along with the tour, the emergence of Toreros Con Chanclas has given rise to a new song, Agüita agropop , a potpourri in which, interspersed throughout the original version of Mi agüita amarillo by Los Toreros Muertos, sound fragments of the most outstanding from No Me Pises Que Llevo Flip Flops.

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