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Madrid Blames Government For Refusal To Be Vaccinated With Astrazeneca

The Deputy Minister of Public Health and the Covid-19 Plan of the Community of Madrid, Antonio Zapatero , regretted this Friday the ” procession of confusion ” of the Government, since until the day before the continuous modifications of the Ministry of Health on vaccination with AstraZeneca ” the people who rejected it was 2%, and now it is 60-70% “.

According to Zapatero, at the weekly press conference on the epidemiological and healthcare situation due to the coronavirus, on Wednesday, the same day that he received the AstraZeneca vaccine, 10,046 people were vaccinated at the Hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal , “and yesterday Thursday , after the change of position , 5,679 were vaccinated, almost half “.

In the same way, said that on Thursday convened at the Hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal and the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium to 29,000 people , and that vaccinated were 10,893 , ie only been vaccinated nearly 37.5% which means overall that 62.4% of the people who were summoned to be vaccinated yesterday at the Isabel Zendal Hospital and at the Wanda Metropolitano with a dose of AstraZeneca refused to be immunized , and has added that for this Friday, with the incorporation of the WiZink Center, 32,000 appointments had been scheduled , of which 45% were confirmed at 9:00 p.m. the day before.

For this Friday, Zapatero has assured that the vaccination planning is for 32,000 citizens and about 15,500 have confirmed their attendance between the Isabel Zendal Nurse Hospital (8,496), the Wanda Metropolitano (4,297) and the WiZink Center (2,092).

According to the Ministry of Health, in recent days the response of citizens between 60 and 65 years of age to vaccination with AstraZeneca was being massive and rejection was around 2% , although that was after the first day of vaccination to the population in this age group in the Metropolitan Wanda, when less than half of those mentioned attended .

As explained by the deputy counselor, what the European Medicines Agency (EMA, for its acronym in English) concluded on Wednesday is that ” the appearance of thrombi would be added as a very rare side effect ” by the use of AstraZeneca. “That was what he said, he did not say at any time stop vaccination or limit it by groups of years, ” he added.

Sánchez guarantees that Spain will comply with its vaccination plan, even if AstraZeneca is totally dispensed with.
This is how the deputy minister of Madrid has justified the regional government’s opposition to the Ministry of Health deciding to restrict its use to people between 60 and 65 years old, an age that has now risen to 69 .

“We do not think it is good not because we want to oppose it, but because we have scientific evidence of what is happening in the United Kingdom and in other countries, where fewer people die and fewer people enter the hospital, ” said Zapatero.

The Madrid head of the Covid Plan has estimated the mortality of the more than 20 million people who have been administered doses of this pharmaceutical company in the United Kingdom at 0.002% . From a technical point of view, he added, ” the benefit far outweighs the risk of such a rare adverse effect as thrombosis.”

“We want to send a message of tranquility. All vaccines are very safe, including AstraZeneca’s, ” said Zapatero, who was precisely vaccinated with it on Wednesday. ” I insist to the people of Madrid that please follow our instructions and get vaccinated, ” he concluded.

Record of figures
On the other hand, Zapatero has highlighted that 1.3 million doses have been administered in the Community of Madrid , of which 421,000 are second doses , so that 6% of the population has already received both doses.

Likewise, he stressed that this week they have broken records of vaccines administered in a single day and in a week, since on Wednesday almost 50,000 doses were given and this week will close with almost 300,000 doses administered and distributed among Primary Care (27,000 doses daily), the Isabel Zendal Hospital (10,000), the Wanda Metropolitano stadium (6,000) and the incorporation from this Friday of the Wizink Center (about 4,000 daily).

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