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Nausée The Broken Dreams Of Thirties

When we are young we are full of dreams, we aspire to have a home of our own, a partner with whom we are happy, a job to our measure, and so on. However, in many cases, as the years go by we become disenchanted and we see how much of what we longed for has not been fulfilled.

The new generations have it even more difficult now due to the exorbitant price of flats, the absence of social contact or the lack of well-paid jobs. That is the wake-up call that Nausée launches , the work that La Badabadoc has just recovered written and directed by Carla Torres Danés and starring Carla Abulí (both already coincided in Qüestió d’honor) and Jordi Ciurana.

The piece dates from 2018 but has been renewed, especially in terms of staging, to adapt it to new times.

It is a play about the disenchantment of thirty-somethings centered on two friends, Ruth and Marc, whose illusions are breaking down. It is intended to be a tribute to La Nausea, the first philosophical novel by the existentialist Jean Paul Sartre, hence its title in French, with which it has some points in common.

The plot takes place in our days and the soundtrack contains several songs by Bob Dylan. The stage shows the interior of a flat, with a clothesline, several folding chairs, a large table as a desk, glasses, clothes and a telephone, all in white, like the actors’ costumes with the exception of a mysterious liquid. green.

Throughout the play, the two actors wear white.

In the prologue, the two protagonists are happy, they are twenty-somethings who dance frantically to the rhythm of I want to dance, the popular song of Sonia and Selena while they throw their wishes for the future into the wind , what they want to have when they grow up … This brief closes introduction and Dylan’s Mr. Tambourine Man plays .

Ten years have passed and they have come face to face with reality. They have to share a tiny 28-square-meter apartment, their love lives are a mess, she has several subsistence jobs, mostly as a shop assistant, and he tries to succeed as a writer and hardly leaves the house.

They feel empty, they look for something that excites them, they turn to their childhood memories to console themselves. She feels bad since the death of her father and takes refuge in Juani, the fish to whom she constantly talks, and he, in the pills.

Projections also play an important role in the play, as Ruth is dedicated to learning speeches in English, from a monologue about sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein to Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai.

The dance is their escape, the moment in which they forget everything and jump frantically to the rhythm of Todo me cares, by Pignoise, I feel good by Hombres G or questioning the lyrics of Mujer florero, by Ella Baila Sola.

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