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New Tracks From The Fourth Season Of ‘Stranger Things’

Netflix celebrated this Saturday the Day of ‘Stranger Things’ , coinciding with the anniversary of the mysterious disappearance that begins this series set in the eighties, which will soon return with a fourth season on which it offered new clues.

The platform published a trailer entitled ‘Welcome to California’ in which Eleven (Bobbie Millie Brown) narrates the letter she is sending to her boyfriend Mike (Finn Wolfhard), in which she anticipates that they will spend “the best spring break “and lets you peek into your adolescent life. “Dear Mike, today is the 185th day. I think I’ve finally adjusted. Now I even like school. I’ve made a lot of friends.

Still, I’m ready for spring break. Mostly because I can see you,” says the young man while showing some images that contrast with his story. Instead of “adapting”, as he assures in an “off” voice, it seems that the protagonist is being ” bullied “In addition, he will once again face moments of chaos, as seen in the scenes of a skating rink, an explosion and a persecution by the authorities.

Although it lasts little more than a minute, it is one of the most revealing advances of this successful Netflix series, whose next season will premiere in 2022, almost three years after the last, because its filming had to be interrupted last year due to the arrival of the pandemic. After the surprise that Hopper (David Harbor) is alive, already advanced in the first ‘teaser’, viewers have now been able to find out that Eleven and the Byers family have moved to California, far from the fictional town of Hawkins (Indiana) where the action originally takes place.

The third season of this fiction that mixes eighties nostalgia with comedic and terrifying adventures broke the audience record for a premiere on the digital platform when viewed by 40.7 million accounts in the first days. Throughout the day, Netflix will be fueling the excitement of fans by posting memories and more clues about the series on their social networks, as well as organizing events around the world, with special edition items ranging from clothing to dolls to comics.

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