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Pablo Iglesias And The Compensation Of 5300 Euros Per Month

The former second vice president of the Government and candidate for United We Can to the Madrid elections on May 4, Pablo Iglesias , has requested the compensation of 5,300 euros per month to which he is entitled for having been a member of the Executive for 14 months.

Pablo Iglesias, in ‘The hour of the 1’.
Pablo Iglesias confirms that he will not stand for re-election as Secretary General of United We Can
He will receive it for a month since after the May 4 elections he has the commitment to take office as a deputy of the Madrid Assembly as a candidate for United We Can.

Pablo Iglesias spoke about this issue this Friday on the program La Hora de La 1. “ It is a right that corresponds to me and for as long as I am not a deputy, because as many other former ministers and former vice presidents have done, it is the income that I am going to have. It will not be more than a month, “he said during the interview.

“When there are UP ministers, those ministers go in the same cars as the PP or PSOE ministers , they have the same type of protection and receive the same salaries, although we donate a part of the salary that others do not do. There are some that they think that we would not have the right to the same as the rest who have been in government positions before. And you have to understand that that cannot be, “he added.

“The pay is not for life. In this country only the king emeritus and the former presidents of the Government have life pay,” he clarified.

On the other hand, Iglesias has revealed his intention not to present himself again for re-election to the general secretary of his formation . “I think I shouldn’t introduce myself, I have already performed 3 times . It is logical that when a congress is held there is a renewal ”, he assured.

The former vice president of the Government has also referred to the act of Vox in Vallecas and the incidents that occurred. “What the far-right was looking for in Vallecas was to cause incidents,” said the leader of United Podemos, who has defended the right of citizens to show their rejection: “I think the residents of Vallecas gave an example of dignity (.. .). In Democracy many things are not admissible ”.

Regarding the next elections in the Community of Madrid, Iglesias has said that it is time for the left to park its differences in order to seize power from the PP. “The left made a mistake: to give an image that we were fighting all the time and that had an atrocious demobilizing effect.

They will not listen to a criticism, ” said the leader of Podemos, who has confirmed that he will continue in the Assembly of Madrid, even if it does not manage to form a left-wing government: “I will be where the citizens place me, but we go out to win.”

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