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Patty Jenkins Confirms That ‘Wonder Woman 3’ Is Underway

In recent months, just after Wonder Woman 1984’s turn to inaugurate the controversial Warner and HBO Max hybrid model (according to which the films would be released simultaneously in theaters and streaming ), its director Patty Jenkins has emerged as a great defender of the experience in rooms, without sparing the disqualifications towards Netflix and other platforms.

He did it once he had already agreed to join Disney to direct a Star Wars movie , and shortly after the first rumors spread that Wonder Woman 1984 would have a sequel. Finally, this has been confirmed: we will have Wonder Woman 3, as revealed by the director during the recent DC FanDome, where she spoke with actress Lynda Carter .

Carter played the superhero in a classic ’70s series, and DC allowed her to play a role in the Wonder Woman sequel . This role was brief, but very juicy: towards the end of the film we discovered that Carter was Asteria, a legendary warrior from Thermyscira whose armor had finished minutes before in the hands of the protagonist.

She was, therefore, an idol for Diana Prince, and it would not be unreasonable to assume that she would appear again in Wonder Woman 3 . The talk held by Carter and Jenkins has delved into this possibility: “We are very excited about Wonder Woman 3 ” , said Carter in reference to Jenkins, herself and Gal Gadot, leading actress who unfortunately could not attend the event.

Gal Gadot in ‘Red Alert’
“I can’t wait for you to talk about Wonder Woman 3 , ” Carter told Jenkins when the time came, and Jenkins replied, “Rather, you can’t wait for me to say absolutely nothing.” That is, the film is very little advanced for Jenkins to give details, which has not prevented both from talking about the presence of Carter in the corresponding sequel.

“Who would have thought in my life, at this point in my life, that this gift would be presented to me without further ado “, assured a Carter totally in love with the character, according to media such as ComicBook . “It is much more than a character, it is an idea and an essence . ” It’s the only thing we’ve known about Wonder Woman 3, although we can intuit that the film still has time ahead.

Not only because of how crowded the DC Universe seems (there are premieres scheduled until 2023, highlighting The Batman, The Flash or Black Adam ), but because of Gal Gadot and the director’s own agenda.

While the first will premiere next year on Netflix Red Alert , Jenkins plans to catch up with the aforementioned Star Wars movie , titled Rogue Squadron . Apart from this project, which would be written by Matthew Robinson ( Of love and monsters ) and would be released on December 22, 2023 , both Jenkins and Gadot have declared their interest in collaborating again for a new version of Cleopatra .

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