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Pdecat Prepares To Occupy Central Lane Of The Independence Movement

On February 14, the PdeCat was left out of the Parliament of Catalonia as it did not reach 3% of the votes. This Saturday the National Council has convened, in which the leaders had to decide what steps to take after this setback, and they have agreed to turn the page, move on and focus on “the central lane of independence . ”

“We have been absolutely free,” stressed Marc Solsona , spokesman for the formation, who stressed that they have “many possibilities to do politics” in the councils, the 300 municipalities in which they govern, the Congress and next to the society. They don’t see dissolution as an option right now.

The president of the party, David Bonvehí , has announced that before June 1 a national assembly will be held to renew the governing bodies, modify the statutes and lay the ideological pillars to “re-drive” training. The agreement has been adopted by the National Council of the party at the proposal of the leadership with 96.4% of the votes in favor, explained Solsona.

The spokesman has admitted that the result of the elections (77,000 votes) was bad and that is why they have made “self-criticism.” “That is why we make a proposal to reform, if necessary, the different positions,” he added.

Asked about the errors of the campaign, he stated that he believes that there have been “brand confusion”, after having broken with Junts and Carles Puigdemont, and also the burden that the “triple electoral tie” predicted by the polls has meant for them ( PSC, ERC and Junts).

“This is not the time to lick our wounds, but to look at how we build, and in this construction, repositioning and also a new roadmap for the future, it is important that management assumes that it is time to make ourselves available to associates,” he said. Solsona. “We are more alive than ever,” he has come to say. Artur Mas has not participated in the conclave.

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