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PSOE Reinforces The Pressure Of EH

The PSN endorses with its votes the demand for the rapprochement of prisoners to which Navarra Suma opposes for being a payment to “the favors received”

The PSOE in Euskadi and Navarra has become the champion of the political initiatives promoted by EH Bildu to justify the approaches of ETA prisoners to Basque prisons promoted by the Government of Pedro Sánchez .

A “policy of rapprochement” that, as Navarra’s spokesman Javier Esparza denounced today in the Parliament of Navarra , constitutes the first step to ensure that in 2021 163 ETA are transferred to prisons in the Basque Country and Navarra.

Esparza has lamented the “infamous intervention” of the socialist spokesperson in the tense parliamentary debate that has ended with the agreement of the Socialist Party of Navarra with EH Bildu, Geroa Bai and Podemos.

The socialists together with the nationalist parties and Podemos have made the ETA prisoners the protagonists of the first plenary session of the Parliament of Navarra after the Christmas break.

The party of President María Chivite has joined with its arguments and votes in an initiative that is part of EH Bildu’s strategy for Basque and Navarre institutions to endorse the more than 130 approaches promoted by Pedro Sánchez since 2018 as an intermediate step so that the 163 ETA members still incarcerated go to prisons in the Basque Country and Navarra.

At present, a score of convicted for belonging to ETA are in Basque prisons and 4 in Pamplona but today the Navarrese Parliament has asked the Spanish Executive that “imprisoned persons” serve their “sentences near their places of social roots “.

A parliamentary declaration that avoids expressly referring to the members of ETA when, as all the parliamentary spokesmen have recognized, they would be the beneficiaries of this massive approach to Navarra.

A political campaign that reinforces the one led in the street by Sare – the group led by the former Basque Justice Minister Joseba Azkarraga – and by the relatives of ETA (Etxerat) prisoners.

The president of UPN and spokesman for Navarra Suma Javier Esparza has been the only spokesman to disqualify the proposal by denouncing that it is part of “political negotiations, partisan interests or payment of favors rendered or support received.”

Explicit references to the agreements reached by the Government of Sánchez with EH Bildu both for the investiture of the Socialist candidate and in the approval of the 2021 budgets.

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Esparza has described as “infamous intervention” the defense of the motion made by the socialist spokesperson Imna Jurío that has charged against UPN, PP and Ciudadanos for questioning the prison policy of Sánchez and Grande Marlaska.

Jurío has acknowledged that his party supported the removal of the prisoners but that it has changed its position after the ETA ceasefire of 2011 and its disappearance in 2018. “No one is breaking the law with a policy of rapprochement that does not mean impunity.” , Jurío has defended from the platform of the Parliament of Navarra.

The Socialists, who in Euskadi have spoken in favor of rapprochement both in the Basque Parliament and in various municipalities, already endorsed in November 2019 a declaration by the Provincial Chamber to address a new prison policy.

Chivite, in addition, managed to be invested president of Navarra in July 2019 thanks to the votes of EH Bildu and has made the formation of Arnaldo Otegi its parliamentary partner for the approval of the two budgets of the current regional legislature.

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